Abandon hope, ye are about to leave a secure connection

My PC is now constantly warning me via a pop-up box that I am “about to leave a secure connection, do (I) want to continue?”. Even if I check the box stating that I do not want any more of these warnings, I keep getting them. I can’t find anything under Tools/Internet Options to shut off this box. Any ideas?

Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab. Uncheck “Warn if changing between secure and not secure mode” (this is near the bottom).

Weird. Is it defaulting to secure connections all the time, sounds like.

Thanks, I unchecked the box in Advanced (you’d think this would be under Security, but noooooo.)

Aaaaaaghghhhhhh!!! I tried to submit this post and got THE BOX again!!!

Ok, that’s weird, because as far as I know, no part of the SDMB is secure. There shouldn’t be any switching modes here. Hmm…

You might have to restart IE for the change to take effect.