ABC's "Are You Hot?"

While channel surfing today I came across ABC’s “Are You Hot?”.

I can only describe it as being sick and twisted. I watched in curiosity of how much worse it could get for about a quarter hour before I turned it off.

A quick search in yahoo came up with the show’s website (not too much on there), and their more informative page.

Leaving aside my thoughts on reality TV (not a great theory), just looking at the theory behind the show is kinda sick in itself.

You get together a bunch of unrealistically attractive people for the youth of our culture to drool over (might I add that a couple of the finalist contestants obviously have eating disorders and arms about 2 to 3 inches in diameter), you put them in front of judges and slaughter them American Idol style. The people who are torn apart and told they are “too fat” are only a little less underweight then the other people in the show.

Our media has sunk to a new low… I hope they realize that ad revenue is a little less important than the eating disorders they’ll be causing down the road for so many people who are viewing this show.

Fuck reality tv; these people arn’t reality, they’re mostly plastic.

What the fuck? This is like an Onion parody, except not funny.

I went to that website you posted, and none of the people look particularly attractive to me. Just skinny. Skinny does not automatically equal attractive! Don’t faces count for anything?

clayton_e, there’s a thread over here already dedicated to this abomination of television (is that redundant?).

Also, if anyone wishes to scold me for acting like a mod, you can do that here. :smiley:

I caught a few minutes of this, they should change the title to “Lorenzo Lamas Scouts Out His Next Wife.”

It’s basically a co-ed version of those Playboy evaluations Howard Stern and crew do. All they needed were the laser pointers to highlight the “problem areas” of the contestants.

Not particularly attractive? Jesus, most of those people are just fugly. Even if you block out the heads, I saw exactly one guy on the whole stinking page who even remotely did anything for me.

Hot? What, are they nuts? They all look like paper cut out dolls, only without the cute or fun part.


Mmmmmm, hotties in bikinis.

This politically-incorrect post brought to you by the letter G.

Hmmm, not sure if it’s politically incorrect or not super head. Their are girls in bikinis alright, but the general consensus of this thread is that they aren’t “hotties”. That they are merely “skinnies”.

But, who knows what the weekend posts will bring? :slight_smile:

AGGHH, sorry, bad, BAD grammar error there(their, gack!).

Assuming the links don’t expire and suddenly point to donkeys humping, I would say that she is hot and so is she.

Actually… and I’m ashamed to admit I watched it (it came on after Jeopardy… and there was nothing else on… and… and…) there were actually red laser pens that they used a few times.

Whoa… I wanna try out for this show.

I’m just pissed that I didn’t know about it in time to be a contestant.

Who the fuck is Lorenzo Lamas? I have never heard of, or seen, him before.

he used to be in falcon crest

I’m not so worried about the eating disorders it will cause, as I am about the cases of skin cancer it will. Every single person on that show was burned a disgusting shade of orange. Makes me sick to my stomach.

Why in God’s name do people think that’s healthy? You know what their skin is gonna look and feel like in 10 years? Like LEATHER, that’s what!

I sure as hell wouldn’t marry a girl that burned herself to the degree that nearly every woman on that show has.

He was in “Renegade” too, I think.