Am I Hot or Not

Too much…horror…too much…can’t…form…paragraphs…

Lorenzo Lamas is an international hearthrob?


A panel of three people will pick the sexiest people in the Nation?

A woman claims being on this show would be 'the most funnest thing in her life?"

The sheer arrogance of girls saying “I feel bad when I take attention away from ugly people?”


it must suck to be ugly

And most importantly…WHY CAN I NOT STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW? WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE? WHAT IS GOING ON? Someone get me some heroin or a syphillitic whore to take my attention from the screen.

:: runs screaming from the room::


I was just going to come in and say ‘yes’ and get it over with.

Can you put that one a resume?

“Proficient in CodeWarrior, XOR, OpenGL, Quartz.”
“HOT per the stringent requirements of Lorenzo Lamas.”

I hear XOR is really difficult to master these days.


[sub]I don’t get it…[/sub] :frowning:

Well, at least Lorenzo Lamas thinks you’re hot.

America’s Hottest People, or some such nonsense.

It’s a brutal example of what the hell is wrong with this country.

I just can’t believe my eyes/ears.

Neither can I.


sorry, so sorry…

I posted to early, before Lorenzo Lamas GOT OUT A LASER POINTER and pointed to women most average gals would weep to look like, and tell her that ‘she has a little jiggliness’

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Jiggliness is what I like most about girls.

On guys, it’s not so good.

[Billy Crystal]

You know, jar, you look mahhhvooolus.

[/Billy Crystal]

Good lord - it just came on here.

Frankly, the only thing left that I can imagine for a reality show is people fucking on stage and being rated by a panel of judges on their performance.

I knew there was a reason I didn’t watch television. I need to bleach my eyes, and go read a book.

They keep on coming.

I saw a spot for a new one the other night: Married by America, where you (yes, YOU, America) get to tell people who they have to get hitched with.


Hold on here. This has possibilities.

For instance, I want America to tell Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh they have to get married. That’d be a great pilot episode.

If this show ever gets on British TV, I’ll take a sledgehammer to my telly.

Kal, I think it would be sweet revenge. After all you Brits are responsible for the original versions of Pop Idol and Who Wants to be a Millionare, two shows that have been since inflicted upon America.

And the weakest link.

But we have a version of that wedding live (or at least proposal-live) show on at the moment. Just started.
But I haven’t watched it so I can’t really comment. Thnink it was called “Surprise Wedding”.

Is it a transfered US show? Says its from Fox, so I guess so.

Well, at least they keep coming up with new and imaginative ways for regular people to humiliate themselves on camera for our amusement.

Yeah, we’re finally catching up to the Japanese in this industry… they’ve been light years ahead of the rest of the world for the longest time.

That show was as compelling as it was painful. They clearly told Lamas to play the part of Simon from American Idol. And what’s with Lamas’s comments about the guys??? “Your body is hot and I really like your lips. You got it going on.”
I felt really bad for the guy with the bad teeth. Did you see his lips quivering on close-up when that judge told him to open his mouth? “Wider! Wider! I can’t see your teeth!” I thought he was going in to apoplexy right there on stage. Like a preview at a horse auction.