Is it just me, or are the "Hot or Not" ratings always much higer then they should be?


You very rarely ever see one that is below a 6. What is going on? Are people spamming there own pictures?


If that is not a drag queen then I am blind.

I can’t believe you still go to this site. That is, like, so two years ago. Or three. I can’t remember it was so long ago.

Get with it, Maud’Dib. Geez.

You are not blind Maud’Dib. That is one hot drag queen.

I’ve noticed that too.

Also that blonde women get higher scores than non-blondes. And that the more skin you show, the higher the score.

Since I’m here, I’ll point out that Charlotte Church (the singer) and Chyler Leigh (Not Another Teen Movie, 80s Show, Girls Club) are on the site. I’ve seen Angelina Jolie on there too.

I hope not.
When I was up there (yes, I’m shallow, pathetic, and enter whatever other phrase fits in this sentence) I was rated a 3.

Oh come on now…no link?
I suppose if I posted a picture and only got a 3 I wouldn’t be in a rush to share either…

Sheesh, Muad’Dib, I go to the link, and 15 minutes of my life are consumed. I’ve also become an expert and guessing answers within one number of the score.

Actually this was the first time I had gone to the site in about a year. I remember them being pretty harsh, with nary an eight or nine to be seen. But now it seems as if everyone is at least a seven.

What gives?

I am a moderator for Hot Or Not, and lately the ratings do seem to be a little bit inflated. I think people tend to rate in extremes, either giving a person a 1 or a 10 depending on whether they think they are, well, hot or not. In your example Muad’Dib, most people voted him a 5, but there were enough stray 10s to drive up his average to an 8.

Thanks for pointing out those fakes, they will be gone soon. To prevent fakes, each submission is voted on by 15 moderators. If the majority approve, the submission goes online. If a known bad one does manage to get through, any single moderator can submit it to an administrator for further review. This process is called ‘bonking’. Every submission I have ever bonked has been removed.

I thought about starting a website featuring some of the rejects. Some of them are truly amazing.

DO IT!!!

DO IT!!!


Well, Church can go, but not my Chyler!

Anyhoo, what’s to say see didn’t place that there herself?

I feel like the person who, upon just entering a conversation, has completely spilled the beans on the situation. Hilarity will soon ensue.

Just to comment on the OP:

ok… this isn’t the pit, so I won’t swear… but when I hit TAB I want to cycle to the next input box… ugh…

anyhow… just to comment on the OP…

It’s not spamming to vote for yourself on (anything)… it’s astroturfing

astroturfing is the act of the artificially supporting you own statement or (in this case image) or ideal, etc… via false support/pretense/statement/etc…

just FYI :wink: that might be astroturfing… but it’s not UCE…

Well, there is really no way to know. There is a rule that no famous people are allowed, so we enforce it. I think the idea is that a famous person would probably know if they are hot or not, and wouldn’t submit their pic anyways. Judging from the sheer quantity of celebrity picture submissions, I think it is a good rule.

Maybe I should start my own “Ask the Hot Or Not Moderator!” thread, with an occasional link to a favorite reject or two. :slight_smile:

[mini hijack] soooo… any talk of a SDMB hot or not? [/hijack]

just curious.

I hope they’re not that artificially inflated… considering I am currently a 4.3.

Ah, I missed that rule. And yeah, that would become a problem, wouldn’t it? My mistake.

Can you be bribed? :wink:

Ah, and what the hell…
My gf:

Yes, but not by someone without boobies. :smiley:

Your GF has an interesting profile.:eek:

Not just a 3. But an apparently overrated 3.
The link is long since gone.