rate me 1-10

Honestly, Im interested in opinions!

I dont care if it is bad or good. I like this photo and Id like to see what random people think. Dont feel bad no matter what you post.

I am honestly a terrible judge of my photos, so any info/comments are appreciated.

I am a straight male in my 20s and I’d say you look like a pretty normal guy.

Different hair style in addition to a good shave and you could easily be considered above average in attractiveness as far as your face/head go.

I am a straight male in my 60s, and my wife and daughter say that I am totally incompetent when it comes to assessing the attractiveness of males, so my opinion is obviously virtually worthless, but you seem pretty OK to me. Are we talking sexual attraction, and are you wondering if you appeal to males and/or females (or, I suppose, goats or hamsters)? Being straight, I can’t say if you are sexy, but all your bits seem to be in the right places.

Straight female. I’d say around a 7- you look like a pretty average decently-nice looking guy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. But you aren’t really actively hot, and aren’t really my type. I agree that a change in hairstyle could bump things up a bit.

Are we judging the photo or the subject thereof?

I’d concur that you’re a pretty normal or above-average-looking guy, but I have a feeling you’re more concerned about how well that’s represented in the picture.

The photo isn’t bad but I’d give it a 6. A bigger smile might be more welcoming. Right now it looks like a passport photo. At the very least, I’d crop out the bottom where the arm is visible, because you can tell that you’re taking the picture of yourself.

I rate you 11-5639.

Please turn to your right.

Might be a little higher if you didn’t look like my dad in his youth.

I think you have a very nice mouth.There is absolutely nothing wrong with your facial features. But you want a number I’m guessing? 6-7, but I bet you’d score higher with better lighting or something. You look too posed. Also keep in mind I’m probably much older so you look like a young boy to me. :wink:

Whats wrong with my hair though, so much hate!

Im probably much older, and look like a young boy to everyone. The facial hair helps with that a little, but not much ahah.

Thanks everyone :wink:

You have nice lips. I think you’re pretty cute, and you look nice. If I knew you in real life, I’d maybe try to introduce you to my sister. The photo itself, though, has harsh lighting and looks like it was taken in a cheap apartment, for some reason.

I think you’re average looking. Personally, I find that a person’s personality changes their attractiveness, so once I get to know someone, if they have a great personality, I find them more attractive, and vice versa. I’m a 30 year old straight female and would go on a date with you if you seemed like a nice guy (and I was not married).

You look normal. :slight_smile: I’m a het guy, though, so I can’t judge you on sexual attractiveness. The photo was taken on a slight up-angle to the face, though, and makes you look a little smug. I wouldn’t use it as my main Facebook pic.

Probably not what you are looking for, but here goes:

As a Gay dude, if I were younger and had seen you at a bar, I would have given you a 9…mostly based on the fact that you seem to have an attitude, are somewhat cocky and a touch arrogant, but basically might be a nice guy. A bit of a skinhead look that could be dangerous when talking politics (I am a screaming liberal), but sometimes that can be more of a fashion statement than political conviction - so the verdict would be out until we talked.
Straight or Gay, you have a (slight) kinky side that could make you at least an interesting one night stand.
So, if I had met you in a bar when I was about two years younger than you are (I only liked older guys), I most certainly would have approached and said hello.

Gay dude who is good looking enough to have been paid for sex and to have people take my picture naked:

I would.

If that isn’t validation I don’t know what is.


I don’t really do numerical ratings. You’re pretty average-looking (like boy-next-door-ish), with a tinge of nerdy around the eyes. Given your current hairstyle, it elongates the height of your head, which isn’t a flattering look given the prominence of your ears.

I think with longer hair you would be an absolute bombshell, though. With decent bang-length to make your face look wider than it is tall. Maybe a style like this, though without the excessively emo swoosh (unless you like that sort of thing).

The picture looks fine, and you look fine. The upward angle of the photos does make you look a bit smug.

No, please, by all means say what you were going to.

I’d give you a 7. You’re cute, but in an unremarkable way.

I’m a 29 year old bi male, for what it’s worth.

Cute, but not sexy. More boy-next-door than rrowr. But you need to shave that shit around your jawline- I hate that.