Rate your looks on a scale of 1 to 10.

Try to avoid answering jokingly or sarcastically. If you really do think you’re a 10, then rate yourself it…but if you really don’t, then don’t, obviously. : p

Anonymous poll to come.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say I’m an 8. I’m much more physically attractive, in face and figure, than most people I know - without making any particular effort, wearing makeup etc. If I could gain about 10-15 more pounds, I think I’d be a 9.

Average. See for yourself at the Portrait Gallery.

I’d say a 5. I have a cute face and some nice assets, but my overall size is a drawback.

I’m a 4. Check the gallery.

I didn’t know how to vote. I have a face that some find striking while others have out right told me I’m odd looking. I’ve been told equal times pretty/odd by people who have no motives to tell me either. So, I guess pretty in a non classic way. Also, I get asked on occansion if I’m part of certain nationalities. So, I think I have a lot of features that one wouldn’t exspect together. I don’t like my nose. The rub is, though, I tend to be told I am pretty/hit on by men who are very attractive/handsome.

I’m past my prime, but except for an oversized midsection, I like how I look.

The problem with these sort of scales is that nobody really specifies how they’re supposed to work.

Is it a bell curve centered on 5? Or is it a grade-letter system (which most people tacitly use In The Real World) where nobody really gets below a six?

If somebody in real life asks you how attractive they are, and you say five, they’re going to be offended.

In America, I’m a solid 5. Where I currently live, I’m Brad Pitt, apparently.

Well, I used to be pretty cute but the last year has not been kind to me.

I rated myself a 5. I think I used to be a solid 7, an 8 on good days.

7 where I live. 6 in LA/NYC/other major cities.

Had to subtract a bit for the cruel mouth and the Heidelberg dueling scars.

Somewhere between 2 and 3. I have a huge nose, droopy eyes and I’m fat. And old.
But I still think I can make myself not too hideous if I put forth effort. I would definitely never be considered “pretty”.

Nobody asked me, but I’d rate you higher.

You, too.

But I’m beautiful inside. Ok, not inside either. Dang.

At the age of 25, I was an 8.

Subtract .1 for each year that passes so I’d be a 5.8 now.

Very interesting. The curve is looking quite bell-shaped with 5 being the average.

Somewhere between 2 & 3; gave myself a 3 but probably closer to a 2. I ain’t pretty.

Am I the only one who checked the gallery? Not to verify each poster’s opinion of him/herself, but to verify that each has underestimated their personal attractiveness? Which each of you who have posted pics have, BTW?

Besides, a self-portrait is never sufficient. Excluding professional models, many people might appear average on a posed pic, but add attitude, emotions, and expressions and the appeal of said person climbs exponentially.

On an average day, I’m a 5. When I take great pains to tart myself up, I soar to a 6. When I see a picture someone’s taken of me, I plummet to a 2. Why does the mirror LIE to me??? (on the other hand, I don’t look my age. Yet.)