Rate your looks on a scale of 1 to 10.

I got your bell curve right here.

Where’s the portrait gallery? We’ve had so many doper picture threads I don’t know which is the official one.

Those who rated themselves low and are in the picture gallery are far too harsh in their estimations. Those who rated themselves high are NOT in the picture gallery.
Just sayin. :slight_smile:

Here, it’s not a thread but an off-board gallery.

My opinion on my looks differs from day to day. Some days I feel like an 8; others I feel closer to a 4. I’m not happy with my bangs right now and haven’t had time to go to the hair salon so I’m hovering around a 5 or a 6, perhaps.

Although walking around Seoul often makes me feel like a solid 4. Korean girls spend so much time looking good, it’s ridiculous.

I said 6. Other people seem to think I’m relatively attractive. I hate my face from most angles, but I photograph well from the right angles. My nose just doesn’t work for anything approaching profile.

Fair enough :slight_smile: I was in the doper gallery for awhile but asked Arnold to remove me - I thought my boss might be snooping.

The board also skews pretty old, so take that into consideration. I’m young - I won’t look like this in 20 years.

When I was in my twenties I used to get an utterly incredible amount of attention from women. I musta been a 10. Now a quarter-century has elapsed and I’m 50 pounds overweight and look like a walking advertisement for Hair Club for Men. Surprisingly enough though, I still get a lot of attention from women in the 40 – 55 age range. Almost every time I have to layover at the train station an attractive older woman will approach me and start chatting me up. I guess I still got something.

I voted myself a 7 but a 7 for my age bracket only. If I were to compare myself to the younger competition, I’d have to go for a 5 or 4.

I fluctuate between 6 and 8.

I picked 8. I’m about halfway between 7 and 8 but the difference is about 40 lbs. I’m already getting numbers from the hot bartenders and am spending the night with a girl from class tonight (she’s in the shower so I’m posting). Just a couple of years ago j would have picked 6 or so. My biggest problem is my size at 6’6" 260+ I’ll never have that thin look at best I’ll be muscle bound which will keep me peaked at an 8.

I think I’m rather goofy-looking, at best. After all, the two celebrities whom I’m most frequently considered to resemble are Larry Bird and Peter Tork. :slight_smile:

OTOH, I am 50 pounds lighter than I was a decade ago, and am now in pretty good shape. And, I have a wife (and several past girlfriends) who find / found me attractive, so I must not be a complete ogre.

So, I put a “4”.

I’d say a 4.

Judging by my history with women, a 2, tops.

I’m so handsome that women scream and faint when they see me.

I’m probably a 6 for day-to-day looking. If I have to get dressed up and look nice for something, I can probably stretch it to an 8.

You can judge here.

3-4, although I’ve been told I’m a little harsh on myself about physical appearances. Still, I doubt I’d rate a five. Damn fractions!

I don’t think my looks have ever particularly hindered me or helped me in my pursuit of a mate, so I rated myself a 5.

I rated myself as a 5.

But, that’s “looks” - if I had to rate my physique, I’d say I’m somewhere around 8-9, at least compared with other guys my age.

I give myself a 6.5, but ya gotta round up, doncha know.

2 - 3. I might have scaled the heights of 5 - 6 when I was younger but I’ll be 58 this year.