Please rate my attractiveness

Please rate my attractiveness on a scale of 1-10 or 1-100, whichever you prefer. Ratings relative to yourself and ratings relative to all of society accepted, but please specify which type of rating you are providing. Thanks!


for what?

Stunningly average. I’d give you a five. Weak five without the beard, strong five with it; I think you look better with facial hair. (FWIW, I am a guy).

GAH! You’re hairy and your momma dresses you funny.

(my bold)

Uh oh. Them sound like faghtin’ words…:eek:

Solid six. (Outa one hundred)

Please limit ratings to women raters only.

And, separate ratings appreciated for each photo.

Thanks again!

Thread closed. I hope you find this site to your liking, justme222, but this isn’t a dating site or Hot Or Not. You can discuss your dating life or ask for personal care tips or whatever, but don’t just link to some pictures of yourself and ask for ratings.