Do you like me?

Please rate me 1-10 (10 being best) in the following categories:


Leadership skills

Capacity for original thought

General attractiveness

Breath freshness


Sex appeal


Thanks. I am doing a self evaluation and your opinions will be helpful.

I think I speak for the rest of us when I say this, if you want an honest opinion you will have to post some nekkid pictures of yourself.

We might be able to give you an evaluation if we knew who you were. You’ve posted 25 times and it’s unlikely that someone’s read more than half of them - I doubt that anyone knows what you’re like at all. Certainly not enough to be able to give an evaluation of your personality. I’d suggest that you tell us a bit more about yourself if you really wish to discuss what sort of person you are, but that would make any evaluation biased.

But nude pictures would help too…

No sir, I don’t like it.

OK Fransesca, maybe this would help. I give myself hi 8s to 10s in all categories. Soemtimes the breath freshness may dip into the upper 5s. (like now…just had coffee).

Feel free to incporporate this unbiased and honestly acquired data into your answers. And thanks for the help!

p.s. With only 25 posts, you could go back and read them to get a better “feel” for the crasher…have fun!

Intelligence 1

Leadership skills 1

Capacity for original thought 1

General attractiveness 1

Breath freshness 1

Reliability 1

Sex appeal 1

Approachability 1
Based conservatively on what I know of you.

I can’t help feeling that you are …well…kinda full of yourself.

You join the SDMB, make few posts and then ask people to stroke your ego.

Fransesca states this and you say:
1.) that you think of yourself as “give myself hi 8s to 10s in all categories” and
2.) you ask us to go look up of you 25 posts and read them so we can evaluate you.

Well, I’d love to stroke your ego, but I don’t think I can reach you up on that high horse.

(Personally, I’m starting to smell the reincarnation of a banned user…but that’s just my 2 Cents.)

I appreciate your compliments. However 1 is BAD. You have the scale backwards. I am sorry I was not more clear. 1 is very bad and 10 is very good.

Don’t worry abour posting again to correct it. I will change it in my tracking data.

Thanks for participating in my survey.

I give you a 9.

Oh wait, did you want us to rate each category separately?

To be honest Newcrasher, you’re not making a very favourable impression. Why on earth would I want to take the time go back and read all the posts you’ve already made? Do you really think you’re that fascinating?


…its Monday morning and I am feeling a bit punchy. The entire premise of you rating me on things such as “breath freshness” and general attractiveness", among other things, is ludicrous.

It was all in light hearted fun. Ni harm intended. I was hoping to find a few other Monday morning slap-happies to have a little fun with. I was hoping someone would take the idea, in all of its ridiculous and silly glory, and run with it.

My bad. I was just kidding. Geesh.

::::runs away…

No. I meant 1.

and no cracks on my spelling… :slight_smile:

I still think nude pictures would help your cause…

You think coffee breath only drops you down to a 5? I’m afraid that’s going to reflect poorly on your marks in the other categories…

Well, you can type, which is better than about 50% of the rest of the world I guess, so I’d say 6 based on ratios.
Leadership skills
I felt inspired enough to respond to you (2), but I don’t think I’d follow you over a cliff (10) so I’ll take the average and say 6.
Capacity for original thought
This is the first time I’ve seen a post like this, so I’d say you’re pretty original. Not DaVinci level, but getting there. 7.
General attractiveness
The bold blackness against a light gray background is OK for appeal, but next to a picture of say, Cameron Diaz, doesn’t quite compare. I say a 5.
Breath freshness
Sniffffffffff hmmmm, vague hint of glass and plastic, with a lingering sense of dust. Kinda reminds me of gramma’s dentures. 5 for sentimental reasons.
From what I’ve seen so far, you post at different times, rather than at the same time each day. Sorry, I don’t consider this reliable. 1.
Sex appeal
The way your h reaches over the rest of your name while the rest of the letters stay demurely in place suggests kind of a sleeping tiger appeal. If you were a chick, I’d give it an 8, but for a guy it’d be 0. So, I’ll take the dead/not dead approach of Schroedinger and say you’re equal parts sexy/not sexy, and settle for 4.
No rating. It’s not you, it’s me. We can still be friends.

You’re a man aren’t you Newcrasher! HLYSHT! I retract my request immediately! You need not offer nude pictures for my ratings.

I did consider the possibility that it was a gag, but given that fairly recently we had a poster who would do this sort of thing in all seriousness and many found it cringe-worthy (and I’m being polite here), it’s perhaps not the best gag ever made. But you weren’t to know that. Fair enough.