If you had to rate your ass on a scale of one to ten...

What would it be?

Mine MIGHT garner (in my own mind) as high as a five or six, but if anyone would ask me, I’d probably say a four.

And don’t be modest. If your behind is one of your better “assets”, then feel free to tell us it’s a nine or ten.

Im a guy, I don’t know how to evaluate that.

About a 9.

On the Richter Scale, that is. :smiley:

I’m reasonably sure it’s lower these days, but apparently an 8+.

I used to have lots of problems getting guys to talk to my front. It hasn’t been so bad lately, but still happens.

It used to be a 10, but somewhere in my 30’s it just plain disappeared. So now I guess it’s a 5 or so.

Mine’s an 8 if you like small butts.

Prolly a 3 if you like big butts.

I have pert buttocks (pron. BYOO-tox) and since I’ve taken up running, a nice shape. I’d give myself a cheeky 9. Shame about the rest of me. I am a guy.

My wife tells me it’s really cute, and that her friends concur. I have no idea what numerical value to place on it, though.

Perhaps I should consider a career in butt modeling; they have hand models and such…

Somewhere between an 8 or 9. I’ve always received compliments on my ass. In high school my Levi’s were 30/31, now I wear 31/31, so it hasn’t changed much in the 23 years since I graduated. Also a runner, so that helps.

Pepper Mill likes it, but she’s prejudiced.

One of her friends complimented it, but she’s a lesbian. I have no idea how that factors in.

Let’s just say that Kallipygos is a pretty good description and leave it at that. :wink:

About a 3

1 if that. I have no butt. It’s a genetic thing. All the females in my family are shapped like a T, with wide sholders, long legs and no T&A.

If ever there was a thread that needed picture documentation…

I also have little to no arse.

I’ve found, when clothed, that it doesn’t do much to attract women and I am forced to resort to other tactics (such as actually being charming, if one actually puts stock in that sort of thing :wink: )

However, when I have been lucky enough to get to the unclothed part of the interaction, women somewhat invariably remark on my toosh’s “cuteness”.

I have no idea whether that’s a good or a bad thing, or how it would translate into numbers…


(Actually, I can’t tell. I do know, however, that it’s in better shape that it was. All that running. One day about six months ago I reached around to scratch it and didn’t recognize it. :slight_smile: )

Probably an 8.75 about three years ago, but a 4 now. Give me three months, I started going back to the gym last month. :smiley:

  1. I’ve got a really great ass.

Me neither, but I’ll gladly cast an eye over female Doper’s ass’s, to ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ their scoring capabilities.

Thanks to good genes and the incline setting on my treadmill, I’m proud to report my ass is a 9 – 10 if I’m wearing my skinny Calvin Klein jeans.