TMI: How would you rate your ass on a scale of 1 to 10?

Me, I’d probably rate it a 4.

It’s not anything special. In fact, it’s a bit overweight and chubby. It’s got dimples, not smooth like some of those males in GQ (not…you know…that I look. Heh).

And it’s slightly hairy. Not overly hairy. Just slightly. But hey, cut me a break, it’s hard to shave back there.

However, two of my exs really loved it, so it can’t be all that terrible.
So 4. Yeah. Four.
What would you rate yours based on what you think and what others have said or told you?

I can quite safely say that the only comment I have ever recieved about my arse (use the right word) was from my niece, and it was that it was ‘this big’ (refering to the impression left in the sofa after I left it)

I rate mine a 4. For an overweight man I have quite an ok lower body. I have powerfull legs.

In or out of clothing? Because a good pair of jeans can knock me up several points.

My first thought after reading this: “What? We have a thread about asses in GQ? Since when?”

And no, I am not going to tell you about mine.

I didn’t think about clothing (I was using my memory of looking at my ass in double-mirrors before or after a shower)

Clothing knocks my rating up to 7.

Are we talking size? 9.5

Badonkadonkness? I’ll give me a 7, because I’m quite attached to it.

OK, then, I’d say a 4 butt-naked (tee hee), and an eight and a half . . .

. . . in my Seven jeans. :slight_smile:

Well, give us both self scores.

Not really, just overall appearance and what you think of it.

I’ve rarely seen 10’s by the way (well, in my opinion), but some were close.

I have hang-ups about my body. Some of my friends would kill me if they found that out, and then kill me again if they found out what some of them are.

However, as I have no hang-ups about my ass, and I’ve been told several times that it is quite nice, I’ll be brazen for once and rate it a 10. (And no, I’m not gonna give a cite for that).

Unadorned, I’d say mine’s probably an eight, although my BCBG cords make me feel like a ten. It’s not all that big, though, so if my pants are a little too saggy, it looks like I haven’t got any ass at all. And that’s just unacceptable.

My donkey is cuter than the rest of yours.


I’ll give my hiney a 2. It is uncomfortably flat, and increasingly saggy (a terrible combination).

That forced a smile. Just like the ‘saving my ass’ line in Shrek.

Well I would rate my ass a 9, I have great legs and a tight ass, but a few extra pounds stops the 10 rating.

What ass? From my shoulder blades to my heels is a straight shot. No ass at all.

I guess mine would be an 8, because that is the size of pants I wear. :stuck_out_tongue:

42 then. Fortunately, my rating is slowly going down.

No, seriously? I’ll go with a 4.5. I’ve got huuuge thighs (I joke about them being from having to carry the top half around, but I think it came from a lot of hours of DDR), so it’s kinda big, but not too much fat compared to muscle for me to worry about.

  1. Being male and asian, i don’t have an ass.

You simply cannot rate your own ass. It’s like Schrodinger’s uncertainty principle. The more you try to rate it, the more wrong an independent observer will think you are.