How hot do YOU think you are?

My husband did this poll on his pokerroom message board, and got interesting results, so I thought I’d give it a try here. The premise is pretty simple - on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being basically dead and 10 being Halle Berry, where do you put yourself on the hotness scale?

I’ll start - I’m a solid 6 (because I don’t try at all). Yeah, baby!

(This should probably be in MPSIMS, because there really isn’t any point to it at all, but it’s a poll, too, so here it is.)

With hair done and makeup on, I’m probably about a 6.

With hair in a ponytail and no makeup, I’m about a 5.

The small difference is the reason why I rarely make the effort these days.

If I could get my ass in gear and lose the extra 30 pounds I’m carrying around, I’d move my marks up one.

I’m probably about a 2, except to my husband, who sees me as I used to be.

Absolute values only, or can we use negative numbers? :smiley:

Since a score of zero means “basically dead,” I’d expect that zombies could use negative numbers.

People always give the example of a 10, but I wish someone would give examples (at least their own opinion) of a few of the other numbers before I want to answer.

Like, if you think Halle Berry is a 10, who’s a 5? Who’s a 7?


Assuming 5 is as average as can be (neither ugly nor beautiful, just plain, I guess), I would say that I rate myself about a 7, though I know that I can be dolled up to an 8 by a professionals.

Well, my tastes happen to run pretty close to my own appearance (lucky or unlucky, you decide), so I would probably have put myself at 8 or thereabouts when I was at my peak six months ago. Right now, what with the hospitalization and surgical scars and loss of muscle… I’m still a 7.5. I pause on my way past the mirror several times a day just to admire myself, not because I’m so hot but because I haven’t been hot before.

Others might put me at 6 or so, but who cares? I think I’m gorgeous.

I was never “hot.” At my best, when I was 25, 35, I was an icy Hitchcock blonde (only brunette). A 10, but a 10 that would give you frostbite.

Now, I’m a Helen Hokinson matron.

During certain points of my life, I have been an 8 or 9. I let myself go for a while for external and internal reasons and I bottomed out at about a six. I am working my way up at this point and probably am a mid 7 at this point. I am 33 now so the competition is quickly falling back. I don’t know if relative scales count though.

I’d say a 4. A 5 on a good day.

At the risk of sounding conceited, and even with the extra 30 lbs I’m carrying, I think I’m a 6 or 7. In my late thirties, but I still have good curves and carry it well.

In my younger, slimmer, shorter-skirt-wearing days I’m pretty sure I was a solid 9. Of course I didn’t know it. I couldn’t figure out why on earth men were looking at me. I thought I was a 4 or 5. I remember one time I was in college and I was walking downtown and I smiled at this business man who was quite handsome. I must have startled him because he took a step backward off the curb and almost got hit by the light rail train.

A solid 0, maybe a 1 on i good day. I’d honestly be floored and might in fact pass out if someone were to find me attractive.

Almost impossible to say. Some days I feel really, really ugly. Other days I feel like a million bucks. Sometimes I feel like a million bucks, and then I look in the mirror and think “Whoops! Wrong feeling.”

Who knows? I know my vision of what I look like is eternally skewed and not at all accurate.

Buncha haters here! Me, I’m a solid 12 on a bad day–just ask my sweetie… :stuck_out_tongue:

Broken down to parts, I’m a 6. But since carriage and personality are the real dealmaker/breaker, put me at a solid 8.5 when I’m “on”.

I’ve done the hot or not thing and apparently I’m a pretty solid 5.5 according to random voters. That would be about right… I figure I’m about a 6. Nothing special…maybe a 7 when I was younger.

I reckon an everyday 6, perhaps 7 if I got dolled up.

I’m reasonably attractive, I suppose, but I’ve been a little down in the mouth recently (which Im’ sure knocks me down a notch or 2) so that’d put me somewhere around a 7, I suppose.

I could also use a haircut but I’m not gonna hold that against myself because it’s a relatively simple procedure.

This is true for me, as well. My husband likes the way I look, though. He thinks he’s the luckiest guy in the world. I’m just glad he eyeglasses prescription obviously needs updating! :wink:

his eyeglasses prescription. :smack: