Hot or Not!!

So with all of the virginal advice and self esteem advice etc. etc. threads recently, one common theme is whether or not you are attractive. So it’s time to rate yourself.

Are you Hot! or Not :(???

I belong to that sad brotherhood of ugly men.

(Glasses and a beard help a little.)

One day, I was walking in public, and a trio of young women were rating the men. I got a “5” and was incredibly happy the whole rest of the day.

I think the last time we had a thread like this, we were invited to rate ourselves 1-10. IIRC, I gave myself a 6 then. I don’t think anyone would call me “hot” exactly, so I voted No here. But I think I look OK for a middle-aged dude. When I shave my head and wear a goatee, I get a lot of catcalls from the college-aged women around here. But it’s only because I look like Walter White.

I’m hot. I was out all day and I didn’t turn on the AC before I left.

I’m Hot! too. Pic. A whole lot of people around here are Hot!

I am both Hot and Bothered.

I’ve got one of those bodies only a mother could love and mine has hated me since the day I was born. Unless the girl/woman was into “bad boys” I never had a chance.

I’ve had enough female attention and relationships in my day to know that I’m not a troll but even in my best days I don’t think anyone would have called me “hot” and my best days are behind me.

I am most definitely a herd of turtles.

Of course I’m hot. What would the point be in life without thinking well of yourself.

I used to be hot. Then as I got older I got more and more not hot. Now, I’m not hot by a long shot. And I’ve been forgot. That is my lot.

Jerry Reed said it best:

“When you’re hot you’re hot
and when you’re not you’re not.”

I don’t know if I’m what you call traditionally “hot;” I’m just getting over a cold, so I’m a little pasty right now.

I asked my wife, and she said I was.

That’s a pretty effed up poll. If you answer one way you come off as exTREMEly vain. If you answer the OTHER way you come off as having no confidence in yourself. I refuse to answer one way or the other.

I like to think of myself as a 7. Not hot, but not too bad either. I did not take the poll.

Plus, my mom says I’m the handsomest guy in school!

I’ve reached hotness after many years of notness. From my teens into my upper 30’s I was pretty much a 5 on the hotness scale of 1 to 12, 12 being Brad Pitt style hotness (handsome, charming, famous and rich). As I moved into my 40’s I took on traits other than physical looks that woman considered hot (like a good career and decent income with no kids) and I actually got wiser about women and listened to them. Today in my mid 50’s I’ve kind of peaked at a 7 and can’t see myself moving up any on the hotness scale unless I win the lottery, save a child from a well or cure herpes. Even then I’d be lucky to make it to an 8. Still it surprises me how much more dateable I am now than I was in my 20’s. In fact I remember a girlfriend in 1986 telling me that I’d be pretty hot in my 40’s as she was breaking up with me; I just wasn’t the guy for her at that time.

I get better looking every day. However I was one damned ugly baby!

To be honest, my face isn’t much to look at. I have gray hair and an expanding forehead but that’s to be expected at 61 years old.

On the other hand, I work out about an hour a day on average. I could stand to lose about 10-20 lbs, but I’m certainly much more fit than 90% of the guys my age. I’ve done a 100 mile bicycle ride and a half marathon this year with more planned this Fall.

Apparently I am objectively hot.

I see myself in the mirror and I just look like myself, but eventually enough people tell you something and you take it for truth. This is not vanity; this is just accepting as real information provided by others.