Rate your own looks (Don't be Modest)

On your best day what would you rate your looks? Mainly talking about the face here, between a 1 and a 10. I would give myself an 8. :smiley:

Face: 8

Body: 3

My main problem is I yo-yo seriously on the body department, and right now I’m at least 35 pounds overweight. I compensate on the face part by keeping a well-groomed beard.

Face - 7
Body - 5.5

I really have to lose 10 pounds,. I have a little tummy that has been impossible to get rid of, despite exercise and dieting. Next stop: Dr. Liposuck.

I’m going to give myself a 7.5 overall. I could stand to lose like 5-10 lbs, but really, 5-10 lbs isn’t a huge deal. My mother always says how my skin is like porcelain, and has a glow to it.

Should I link to a picture so you all can judge for yourselves?

Face = 8
Body = 3

I guess I have a good looking face and nice hair but I am seriously in need of some exercise.

I rate my self as a 57. I’m a seven plus fifty pounds.

Face = 7. Nothing’s too big or too small and I have lips people spend thousands for.

Body=5. I’m fat, but I’m in proportion and everything works.

By the time I get to my goal weight I’ll be so hot that your screen will catch on fire just looking at my user name :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha… it seems that most of us here are overweight (whether a little or a lot), and we all think we look pretty good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Me included, of course.

Face: 8

Body: 6

Yep, I’m pretty tall, and I used to be scrawny, but I’ve recently acquired a pot belly. :smiley:

Face = 5 . Average, but with nice lips.

Body = 8 . Boobs, hips, butt (not too big and not too flat). But It wouldn’t hurt to be a little more toned up all over.

Face: 8 (stunning eyes)
Body: 7.5 (a bit pudgy, but a cute butt)

Face = 9 (I really like my facial features and I have pretty nice skin)

Body = 4.5 (I have great boobs and a well defined waist, but I need to lose about 40lbs to look really great)

I used to be stunning. Apparantly I outgrew that.

Odd thing is, for a guy, I feel my looks fluctuate a lot. I think I average out high 6s, low 7s.

Hard to tell, you know?

I’d do me.

Average. A 6 in the face, body is heavy- but with big shoulders, and nice muscular legs- maybe a 5 or a 6. OTOH, I am told I am “charming”. :confused: :dubious:

Face 6. I have a big nose and one of those wide Polish faces. I think I look an 8 or 9 in the mirror, but whenever I see a picture of myself I quickly revise myself down alot. Just not used to seeing myself reversed, and I guess it gives a good first impression reaction. I got a 9.1 on hotornot FWIW, but they have a weird scoring system. Most votes were for a 6-8.

Body 9. I regularly excercise. I have a visible 6-pack and reasonably defined muscles. I have around 8% bodyfat. About 72.5 inches and 175 pounds.

Dance 10, Looks 3.

I used to be really cute, but then I got old, now I look like a fairly fit (albeit large breasted/baby got back) sharpei. I really hate mean old mister gravity.

Face - 4. I look funny and my nose is from Hades. Nice eyes, tho. Too bad they’re the only nice thing.

Body - 2. Being naked when someone else is in the room could get me indicted for Crimes Against Humanity.

I like your description very much. I think I’ll take it on for myself. :slight_smile:

Except that my face is a 5 or 6. Okay, maybe a 6. My lips are also occasionally complimented.

Ditto for my body. It’s a 5. I’m too fat but everything is “balanced” and I have all my body parts. (My sister has an amputated leg and she reminds me that at least I have two legs so I shouldn’t complain. So I won’t.)

Face: 5 – I don’t think I’m ugly but I’m not attractive either. If I were to lose some weight and get my complexion under control, I think I’d be halfway attractive though.

Body: 1 – I don’t like anything about my body.

Face: Eh, 5 I am sometimes considered cute but I think it’s mostly because I have red hair.

Body: 7 or 8 I’m in good shape and I work out but I tend to carry weight in my hips and thighs. I have Hillary Clinton legs and always will no matter how much I work out…

I don’t think I’m anything special, but the Ms. finds me devastating, which is what counts. Best feature is glacier-blue eyes and most all of my hair, albeit gray. Body: well, what can I say? Nothing losing 30 pounds wouldn’t help improve, but I’m ten pounds on the way to that goal.

Overall self-rating: A solid seven.