Are You Hot? Or, I Am Witnessing the Most Dysfunctional Show Ever

Not verbatim, but I think one of the “contestants” just said that she was hit by an 18-wheeler three months ago and was unsure that she would walk again but never, ever questioned that she would still be “hot.” Oh. My. God.

Let’s have a group hug.

One poor soul who was judged “not hot” just said, “I just lost my dream.” What dream???

On American Idol some singers who are more talented seem to get eliminated because they don’t have the “right look”.

This show cuts out the middle-man. If people are going to vote for shallow reasons, give 'em something shallow to vote on.

The Hell? Can someone please explain the premise to a person with a sick curiousity about these shows, but no TV reception?

“Are You Hot?” is basically a show where thousands of people come in and are judged by a panel of judges about how hot they are. From there, they keep eliminating, until I guess they find the hottest person out of them all. “American Idol” is virtually the same thing, except it’s based on singing talent. Some people take “Are You Hot?” way too seriously though. It’s a satire show. I don’t believe for a second that the producers are actually looking for the hottest person they can find, or if most viewers are watching to see good-looking people. Ever see that Canadian show, “Talking to Americans”? It’s the same thing. Round up a bunch of people that are hilariously clueless and make them look like morons on TV. “Are You Hot?” scores a double whammy because it isn’t random like “Talking to Americans”, but a bunch of people who legitmately put their looks and the looks of others above all else. Not only do we see them make idiots of themselves, we see their entire self-value system get demolished on international TV. Good viewin’!

And the hootin’ and hollerin’ Jerry Springer-type audience adds a certain something, as well.

Yeah, it’s like those things on the Leno show where he asks people on the street obvious questions and they get them all wrong. For every person who got the questions wrong I’m sure there were like 20 who got them right. It’s all edited for humorous effect.