Abort or Keep? Let the intertubes decide!

There is this couple, you see who are pregnant (technically just the female of the pair is pregnant), but gee, y’know they simply don’t know if they are ready for childbirth, what with the careers and such. What to do? What…to…do?

How about:

Seriously, WTF??!!
There is no option, BTW for have the baby and let some non-fucksticks raise it. But this is close to monstrous if you ask me, women struggle so hard with this decision and the decision to raise a child should not be left up to the whim of the Internet community, well known for its collective intelligence. And whether you think this is just a poll for a poll’s sake, think again.


Well that answers that question. They cut it off before it could even develop.

If this is going where I think it is, though, it reminds me of the website that solicited donations, or else they were going to cook a rabbit.

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My first thought is: This is probably just a stunt.

My second thought is: I don’t really care, since I’m OK with abortion for whatever reason.

My third thought is: 17 weeks a bit late. I’d be a lot cooler with this “stunt” if it was < 12 weeks. If you don’t know by then if you want to have the baby, then you probably shouldn’t.

Whatever their original intentions, unless the pregnancy itself is fake, it’s gone beyond being just a stunt. If this baby is born–and not given up for adoption–he will be raised by people who would do this, which is sad enough. But then, eventually, he will find out about the game his parents played with his life.

Wasn’t there a similiar case that turned out to be a hoax – send us x amount of money or we’ll have an abortion?

My initial response would be to vote “have an abortion” because anyone who designs this website isn’t ready for parenthood.

Upon further reflection, I would vote “have the baby” because I’m cruel and I just don’t give a shit.

Slate’s XX Bloghas this pegged for an anti-abortion hoax. The prospective parents are basically fundie burlesques of pro-choicers. Also, if the couple were pro-choice, they wouldn’t ask other people to make this decision for them. And the website was registered before the woman knew she was pregnant, supposedly. What’s going to happen is the woman is going to see the light and decide to have her baby, regardless of what she’s told to do by the internets, and she’ll become a legend that fundies tell each other to get inspired.

From the article:

Where’s the “try using birth control, you dipshits!” option?

There is nothing like being able to pass the responsibility of this decision in your mind to a stranger. This says to me they want an abortion, but can’t deal with the fact it’s their decision to end a life. Stop the hypothetical, because there are plenty of people who would like to say somebody else ended the kids life.

If this is real then I vote they should abort and then keep the fetus in a mason jar over the mantle and for Christmas they can hang a stocking around it.

I once told a woman it comes down to if she really believed in the sanctity of all human life, and in that case the decision is clear. She has a teen by this time now and has been married to the father for years. It was certainly a decision she needed to decide for herself. I think if I had said get an abortion she would have. All I did was put it back in her hands and direct her to look at what I knew her beliefs were. It’s a not a decision for anyone but the mother and father to make. A stranger or friend should not make the decision in the end.

Some good tell-tales pointing toward hoax, I agree. However,

That doesn’t quite follow. Making a decision doesn’t mean accepting no input. People use all kinds of bases to make all kinds of choices in their lives, and plenty of people ask others for their advice (including anonymous netizens, including on this board). I’d bet that most women who consider abortions include the counsel of at least one other person. Formally polling strangers on a matter of such importance is pretty far out, but it’s not categorically illogical.

That may be the plan. But do you suppose the pregnancy itself is all a fake? If there is a real child born to these people, then this is still a supremely twisted thing to do to the kid, even if the plan never included a real possibility of abortion.

I am inclined to believe it is a hoax, but why would you invent a hoax that made you look like complete shitstains?

If it’s a pro-life stunt, then they get to be “redeemed”.

Yeah, my vote is this website is just a stunt of some sort designed to make some sort of point that I’m unclear on at the moment.

Anyhow, “give birth” is securely in the lead with 80%.

Yeah, this just smells wrong. They are going into an awful lot of loving detail about the features and capabilities of the fetus. And there’s no reason why they would have an abortion, as far as I can tell - they started the site before confirming a tried-for pregnancy. It doesn’t make any sense.

Unless the site is built by pro-lifers who are attempting to depict pro-choicers with all the delicacy and skill of great authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, while making unwitting readers think, “How horrible, that people could be so flip about killing a baby that can hear and has eyelashes!”

As pro-life propaganda goes, this effort ain’t a patch on lil’ Markie’s Today My Mommy Killed Me.

Cut, print, lock thread. Good find.