Abort or Keep? Let the intertubes decide!

Because their objective is to somehow make the pro-choice faction look like shitstains? Like, “see, they want us to kill our baby!” Or something like that.

If it’s a hoax, it’s stupid.

If it isn’t, it’s appalling.

Obvious hoax is obvious.

The thing I find most appalling about this is that someday in about 13 years, this kid is going to google his or her parents and find this. And no matter how much they say “oh, we were trying to prove a point,” this kid is always going to think his parents would have aborted him if Internet trolls said so. How awful.

No way this will happen. These people are so obviously pro-life campaigners that this kid will be brought up thinking that his birth helped save the lives of thousands of other kids his age.

That, and they’ll tell him how all the evil pro-choicers wanted to kill him.
We can only hope he gets his middle-school girlfriend pregnant. Y’know… for irony.

They’re obviously ‘Pro-lifers’ and I would wish complications on the woman if I was as evil as these so-called Christians, but instead, I’ll hope that the baby has a Damien-from-Omen style birthmark, just to freak them out, the twats.

It may be a hoax, but if we are honest there are posters on here who place literally no value on the foetus - for them there would be no moral difficulty in basing the decision to abort and then have another, or keep this one, on the decision of a group of strangers.

Except for the fact that what does get such people in a twist is the notion that their own reproductive decisions would be subject to strangers’ votes. The idea that they would turn around and put the decision before strangers, to vote on, seems a little out of character.

I place no value on the foetus, but it doesn’t mean I think abortion should be a spectator sport.

Dude, I put a lot of thought into deciding whether to have some *polyps *removed from my uterus. I certainly would have had difficulty basing my actions on the decision of a group of strangers even in that case. Your comment is dumb, and as pointed out, based on a total reversal of what pro-choice is all about.

Feel free to name names, if you can.


Have they determined that there actually IS a pregnancy? Or if it’s just someone making the entire thing up?

You really don’t know what pro-CHOICE means, do you?

Have you ever known somebody who was brought up by over-the-edge right-wing evangelicals?

I’ve a bunch, and they violently reject their parents at a higher rate than any other set I know of. Teen pregnancy (and abortion!) rates are high.

If there is a real baby here, I would bet that, one way or another, he ends up hating his parents for doing this.

Any abortion rights maximalist - folks who believe that a woman’s whim is sufficient for an abortion, and oppose attempts to put any restrictions or make it even slightly inconvenient.

Isn’t the irony here that two (I assume) pro-lifers are apparently trying to make a point about the sanctity of life by showing how sick it is to let other people make decisions about your body and pregnancy? As if strangers on the internet are that different from voters, politicians and pro-life activists doing exactly that – trying to make a woman’s reproductive choices for her.

Well, there are no names in that response, and it doesn’t match Laudenum’s original claim anyway; that there are people on this board who would leave the choice to strangers.

I’m not sure if I (or anyone, really) qualify as a “maximalist” as you define it. I’m okay with leaving it to the woman’s whim, I oppose legal barriers, but I’m okay with requiring the minor inconvenience of requiring that she get a surgical abortion from a licensed doctor, or a chemical abortion (i.e. RU-486) from a licenced pharmacist.

Check out the Screwfix for convenient abortions in your own kitchen or bath. Why go all the way to a back alley?

This is just basic support for civil rights and respect for the humanity of women.