Planned Parenthood $8 billion Abortionplex is now open!

Reaction from Facebook

I’m not sure which is funnier.


“The fruit of abortion is nuclear war”

“Buying contraception, which is a silent abortion…”

Hint: Look at where the link goes to.:smiley:

Oh come on, “Planned Parenthood’s Auschwitz” is pretty damn funny.

Is May “Abortion Month” or something? What’s with all the abortion threads?

Well, I guess it’s appropriate that “abortion month” would be a few months after “rape month”. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for June!

June is “Shotgun Wedding Month” for those who procrastinated getting to the Abortionplex.

If this board had that horrible “props” system, this post would get mad props from me. Or a “like” on Facebook.

I wonder if people ever even look at what the source of the links they click on even are? Or even click on them, just read headlines and get all :mad:

The satire is strong in that story! How stupid do you have to be to not know what The Onion is at this point? Take a look at a few of their headlines - this isn’t the BBC News, people.

That picture’s from the LA Convention Center. Nice place. Could do a lot of abortions in there

The onion article is obviously the Onion, but I think the facebook screencap is real. People actually are that stupid. This will probably end up on Fox News before it’s over.