So, do abortions make you feel sexy?

You have to be a Yahoo member to see this, and I don’t know how long

I am not sure if you want to. It was linked to in the SA boards, and it is the single most horrible thing I have ever seen on the internet.
The abortion fetish group.
BTW, this is NWS.

Well, they say that anticipation is the best part.

Posted a bit too soon.

I forgot to add that this is so horrible, that I really have too wonder if it is not some kind of very, very, sick practical joke.

Just out of curiosity, Muad’Dib, are you for or against abortion in general?

And of course I’m not implying that the topic of the OP is even remotely sane.

Sounds like a put-on to me.

I hope it’s put on.

If it’s a put-on, it’s got an awful lot of people who get the joke. Created December 24, 2000, 946 members? That’s one hell of a long-running joke.

Oh, and one more thing…a sample quote.

I think I’m about to barf.

It is late and Starguard has already pissed me off beyond what I thought possible but I am compelled to say that you are more disgusting than the scum that grows under the shit piles my dog leaves in the yard.

Oh c’mon, this is clearly a put-on!

Here’s another one:

Bonsai Kittens


Yeah, another vote for “this is a put-on.”

It just seems far more likely to me that a bunch of pro-life people got together in an attempt to discredit pro-choice people than that some people actually get off on having abortions.

the star creep has made my vision blur and I think I noticed a little foam coming out of the corner of my mouth. Ofcourse this thread is a sham, I am sorry I took the bait.

What AD, USAF said.

now my pickle fetish doesn’t seem so bad.

If you wanted to paint people who have had abortions in the worst possible light, what kind of website would you put up?


This is the most obscene OP that I’ve seen at SDMB.

You must’ve missed Muad’Dib’s other Pit thread.

Do doctors who perform abortions really refer to themselves as “abortionists”? I thought that was purely a pro-life term. I’d think they’d just call themselves “OB/GYNs who perform abortions” or something like that.

I know of a ‘girl’ who has had 6 abortions, she is not 22 yet, had her first at 17.

She has sex with whomever says “Hi, how are you”.

I dislike abortions, but who am I to say who can do what with their body.

However, I think the girl I mentioned above should be sterilized though. Hurrah for Purtianical Hyprecism!

Perhaps some of the participants are just trying to make a sick joke, but it wouldn’t surprise me if at least some of those people are genuine abortion fetishists. It’s not that much of a stretch to imagine a bunch of creepy old guys who think it’s hot to fantasize about something so very “taboo” involving undressed women spread out on a table.
Creepy and disturbing? Of course, but the internet has taught us many creepy, disturbing fetishes exist. There are people who think amputees are hot and want to amputate their own limbs. I remember reading a news story about someone being arrested for selling fetish videos of a woman crushing small animals with her foot. Then, of course, you have the people who think it’s sexy to be peed/pooped on.
I think those things are all repulsive myself, but I don’t doubt that some people truly think they’re hot. :eek:

So is anyone else becoming suspicious that **Muad’Dib ** is trolling?

What’s the point? Look at this really horrible link… not only are there people sick enough to create it, there are people sick enough to find it for you.