So, do abortions make you feel sexy?

There is no such thing as a “professional abortionist.” That’s purely an anti-abortion term. Even doctors who perform abortions do not just provide abortions. No doctor would ever call him/herself a “professional abortionist.” The site is pure bullshit.

Alternatively try this site and hopefully you can waste as much time as me on Flip the Mix. Simple but addictive.

Did anyone miss this?

As puke worthy as it is, I went back to some of the original posts on that site. I am going to toss in my opinion that it’s a legit community, given the response to the people who signed up to tell them they were some sick fuckers. I would cite, but it’s not necessary. The fact that they have so many members (granted, it seems most are there to spam the boards with penis enlargement ads), who have been posting for quite a while, also lends to it’s legitimacy.

Ok, so great. Have a fetish all you want. Have a fetish that’s taboo and frankly disguting all you want. I’ll just amend my statement that “There can’t really be people out there who have abortions for fun, can there?”

It could be a bunch of militant pro-lifers trying to propogate the belief that pro-choicers are nothing but cold, calculating baby killers. If it is legit, they’re doing the same damn thing. They’re providing fodder for the anti-abortionist cannon either way. Sick, yes. Wrongheaded, yes. Either way, these are some of the most selfish people I have ever had the queasiness to read.

As far as fetishes go this one is almost tame. There are also “bug chasers,” those whose fetish is to get infected with aids. Now, that is quite a subculture complete with its own disturbing vernacular and multiple websites dedicated to people seeking to be infected to get hooked up with those already infected. I’ve seen the amputee one as well.

Don’t forget the syphilis fetish.

Ooh, baby, I just can’t handle myself when it comes to your sunken eyes, constant cough, lank hair, and skeletal physique. Come give Momma some sugar!


See below quote…

…and I am sure there are some things I like that are far from status quo, but I always thought part of the thrill of fetishes was the secrecy of the taboo…

And, EWW!

Here’s what Muad’Dib really wants.

Somewhere, someone is wondering who “The guy under the bridge” is and why he is being charged for an internet line.

Its a meta-fetish, the fetish about fetishes, the morbid curiousity about other people’s perv that, by comparison, makes one feel rather normal.

Thats about the worst “detish” I’ve ever heard of. Well… other than necrophilia… :frowning:

FETISH not Detish :rolleyes: Preview is my friend…

Well, at least they aren’t furries. Those people are just . . . :shudders:


I find it humerous that someone named Gluteus Maximus would post this.

BTW, I did not post this to start any flamewar over abortion, my only thought was “And you thought you couldn’t find something to outdo that German canibal?”.

In what way is it like the upper bone of the arm?

This is one of two things:

a) Pro-lifers trying to defame pro-choicers; or
b) Folks trolling for hate mail.

I’ll confess that, back when I was young(er) and (more) foolish, some friends and I created a similar site. Clearly false and not nearly as vile, but enough to generate thousands of hits per week in the few months it was up by only sending the link to a few choice places. It was dumb, but we did get hate mail in spades, mostly from people who couldn’t understand it was just a leg-pull.


Not really. I think he’s just stupid.
(By the way, since you’re kinda new here: FYI, we’re not supposed to publicly accuse people of trolling. If you think they’re trolling, report the post to a mod.)

You can actually go to the “Cannibal” forum and see the postings of the German cannibal and others. Creepy. I definitely have a meta-fetish. I find them fascinating.

Any cites? From what Google’s turned up, this seems like one for Snopes to deal with. It all seems to stem from a single comment in an interview in Rolling Stone.