About Euthanasiast's suspension.

Hey! I’m oblivious every day!

And, just to clarify, I was only responding to the fact that I thought Euthanasiast was pretty aggressively rude to Lynn regarding the wording of the thread title considering the original fault was his. I have no comment on the trolling allegation and suspension.

Shit, definitely the Pit. My bad. Thanks for moving the thread to the pit instead of moving me to the ban-bin.

And yes, I know the word is sycophant. I made it psychophant on purpose (a portmanteau?). The mistake I had to edit was that I put psycophant. I guess that was my inner spell checker fighting the intentional misspelling.

Ah, see from the edit text, I thought you did that thing where you write it and it looks weird/wrong for some reason, so then you change it at the last minute. I do that all the time.

Don’t we have a rule about not being a jerk? Euthanasiast was way outside the lines on that, IMHO

This is absolutely spot on. For a group that is trying to build a business they act incredibly unprofessional and small-time way too often.

Honestly i read the end and figured he’d been suspended for insulting and Admin and a mod for moderating. He may (or may not) have been trolling* but being abusing towards a warning isn’t a smart way to contest a warning.

*whether he was trolling is open to interpretation and irrelevant now anyway.

We’ve always been at war with Eurasia.

Actually, no. The topic could have been about fly fishing with J.R. Hartley, it’;s the moderator over/reaction that’s in discussion here.

Euthanasiast’s thread title seemed as accurate as every other pit thread title bemoaning police departments based on the actions of a few policemen, or militaries based on the actions of a few soldiers, or Christians based on the actions of a few Christians.

I think you’re missing the point. Lynn would not have even participated in this thread had the discussion not been about something close to her. So none of this would have happened.

Notice how often she is involved in BBQ posts and how often she “mods” here. The answer is almost never.

You’re a moron and should read the rules you’re supposed to enforce.

ETA: Lying with a provocative statement in a thread title seems like textbook trolling to me, but everyone has different definitions of the word so w/e.

Meh, I read the original thread, once I realized it was a sting and a 20 year old woman and really just one nurse, I too was WTF?

I think it was misleading, he knew it, he got pissy when called on it, it’s only one week, so deal with it.

Admins and moderators are human too and are drawn to threads they are interested in. if they notice an infraction in the thread they can either pass it to someone else or deal with it themselves.

the problem isn;t that it was dealt with, or who dealt with it, but more how they dealt with it. It’s a bit of a stupid rule to have to go to PM or open another thread if the existing thread is still there. that’s what this thread is about.

The thread was hysterical bullshit.
He got stroppy with the mod.
He broke the rule on quotes (although surely there was no intent to mislead and no-one was misled).

So fair enough.

But there * is* a lot of hysterical bullshit in the Pit. Why this one? This time I can see why there is a *suspicion *of political bias in when and how strictly the rules are enforced. Was it because of a moderator’s personal views on the topic? Or just that there were lots of complaints?

Because it questioned a topic that Lynn Bodoni holds sacred.

Now the mods will circle the wagons and stonewall until it goes away.

Pff. Whether or not Lynn’s original warning was justified, he was the one overreacting. “It was not my intent to troll, I just used the title of the Youtube video without thinking too hard about it” would have gotten him a pass while defending himself. Instead he started lashing out. No sympathy.

and the tighty righties smell blood and declare a pecking party.

It’s not just the tighty righties. This suspension looks very, very political to me, too - and I think Planned Parenthood is the best thing since sliced bread. Not because they deserved to get panned for the actions of one employee, but because lots of organizations get panned for the actions of one or two employees and we don’t call that trolling.

I can’t believe I’m posting this, but…

I agree with Bricker. That thread reads to me like Lynn got her panties in a twist about a near and dear, and threw down the troll card. Euthanasiast stood his ground and threw some shit as might be expected in the Pit. He even admitted his error in the thread title. That should have been the end of it, but Lynn had to defend her action of dropping the t-bomb so she gerrymandered off into some bullshit technicality and suspended him.

Crap. missed the edit.

My coding is screwed up, hope I don’t get suspended!