About Euthanasiast's suspension.

I call bullshit.

Stupid threads and stupid thread titles are the bread and butter of the Pit. Why single him out for trolling?

Lynn says that he admitted that the information in the title is inaccurate, which is not true. He doesn’t admit to false info anywhere. I can only guess that Lynn refers to him saying that the girl was not really 13, but so what? She was made to look 13 and said she was. But let us not get bogged down discussing the topic of that thread. When pressed for details, he recognizes that he understands the issue and amends his argument. Done deal, let’s move on.

Then, when he reacts to such egregious accusation of trolling, he gets done for reacting. Fuck that. That’s the lamest schoolyard technique around. “What did you say about my momma?”. Please.

Also, why was the thread locked? So the title wasn’t kosher, change it, damn it. People is already in there talking the issue. Why kill that discussion?

Anyways, if someone was trolled, it was Euthanasiast. And I laugh at Ed’s suggestion that when someone gets abused by an administrator, the solution is emailing him. Really? After he threw the (Otto?) tantrum and said that anyone looking sideways at any staff would be burned and banned? I am sure people is all feeling protected with him to mediate a difference with a staff member.

Plus, this was all in the pit. This is the place to tell staff to fuck off. If you are going to change the rules, at least have the decency of not applying it retroactively.

Ed, you are an asshole. An incompetent asshole. Except that you are not incompetent at being an asshole. That you do ok.

(And you know that if he has started a new thread, the psychophants (not a typo) du jour would have lined up to say “Did you have to start a thread for that Couldn’t you just have said it there”)

And yes, I know I put a parenthesis inside a parenthesis. Bite me.

It’s “sycophants”. Also, did you mean to put this in ATMB or the Pit? If the latter, let me know and I’ll move it there for you.

If you were going to call Ed an asshole, you probably should have put this in the Pit, you know.

I don’t totally disagree with you- I don’t think he was trolling- but that might be a bit much.

Clearly this thread is meant for the Pit.

And totally on the mark…

Sounds to me like he broke the #1 rule: Don’t piss off the mods!

Simple as that.

So let me get this straight. If a mod calls you out in a pit thread you can’t come back at them in that thread, you have to open another one?

Of all the stupid rules, that take the cake. What bullshit.

He was trolling.

The mods here are heavy handed and none too bright generally, and the rule against trolls is dumb anyway buuuut.

He was trolling.

No, he wasn’t. Saying it twice doesn’t make it true. Ed and Lynn are both way too ham fisted in their moderation; this is just another in their series of stupid mod actions.

Sez you.

You cannot openly defy a mod’s warning. You can appeal the warning, as Ed said. But you can’t go off on the mod WHO IS ACTING AS A MOD and expect no consequences for it. You can complain or ask about it in another thread. Also, even in the Pit, there are limits as to what we’ll allow. The Pit has NEVER been a free-for-all, no-holds-barred area.

As for the trolling title, it was something like “Planned Parenthood covers up statuatory rape” when it was a single PP nurse who was not following procedure, and when it was a sting operation (female was 20, not 13, and I’m willing to bet that the nurse knew she wasn’t a minor). An accurate title would be something like “PP nurse doesn’t follow procedure, gets suspended”. In other words, it was not Planned Parenthood as an organization, it was a single individual. And it wasn’t really statuatory rape anyway. WHETHER HE(?) MEANT TO TROLL OR NOT, his thread title was inaccurate and calculated to inflame…and the intent to inflame is the very definition of trolling.

I’d like to respond to this in-depth, but I’m not sure if I need to open a new thread. :confused:

Oh. Well. Good thing he didn’t do that, then.

Euthanasiast, in my opinion, was not trolling. After reading** Lynn’s** posts in this thread, I am yet to be convinced.

I was surprised that Lynn accused him of such in post #52.


I was then disheartened to see her next post #53;


an opinion which makes it appear that by casting aspersions on the makers of the video, she is dismissing that specific anti-PP criticism, and punishing Euthanasiast for even making the thread.

**Euthanasiast’s **reply was, again in my opinion, something typically allowed in the Pit, even though it was aimed directly at a mod. It explained his actions when writing the thread, and he took responsibility for his error. He then makes the assertion that **Lynn **could not know what his intentions were. This assertion would be true. He throws in a couple of fucks for good measure, but again this is very mild for the Pit. Additionally, this is VERY mild for Euthanasiast in the Pit. That boy can spew a fantastic tapestry of expletive laden bile. Sheer poetry.


Giraffe hops in, pointing out once again the error in the thread title, and that Euthanasiast fucked up.


Giraffe, you absolutely had a point. However, I am very surprised you missed the actual problem. You typically can discern what is going on, but for some reason were oblivious today.

Euthanasiast then replies with a little more passion.


As far as I can tell, the only thing he did wrong was in this post, and that is by changing the name in the quotes.

And for this, a week suspension?

Two points I would like to make.

  1. It appears that if you go after a sacred cow of the SDMB, such as PP, there is going to be a kneejerk reaction, even from the mods.

  2. If you guys keep on kicking out the colorful, opinionated ones, no matter what their ideological persuasion, this is going to turn into an old folks home. Pablum.

Even if you don’t like what they say, don’t stifle posts because they are directed at you.

And I *really, really *don’t like the fact that in the last post of the thread, Lynn says that Euthanasiast is suspended per Ed.

What the fuck is up with that? What does that mean? He came in and started throwing his weight around again?

ETA-QED is correct, the was no defying the warning, he agreed with Lynn and Giraffe.

Seriously? Since when?

Going to bed; hopefully I won’t wake up banned.

Yeah, let’s hope you didn’t break another rule that Lynn just made up.

Lynn, how many threads here over the past eight years have attacked “Republicans” or “the Bush administration” for the actions of one, or a very few, individuals? How about threads attacking “asshole cops?” Or “fundies,” or any other cognizeable group, when the subject of the thread was a single individual’s actions?

How many of them were closed and the original posters warned about trolling?

And an addendum – how many times in the past nine years have I posted to criticize an administrative decision?

I like the fact I am getting a big picture of Dennis Leary advertising for Dennis Leary ringtones.

The comedy…it burns…or at least rings loudly

Since always.