About handling off topic, but revalent side bars

I follow a some Reddit topics and I noticed that when the conversation starts to stray, someone (admin) comes in and tags it to a “continue this thread” that goes to a link. After, you rarely see posts that continue off topic.

To me, it helps me follow the conversation wherever it leads. And it’s easy to get back to the OP.

Does Discourse have a built-in or plug-in way to emulate this without the Mods having to build each diversion from scratch?
I admit, I don’t know Discourse software and Reddit must be using some other product because I doubt Reddit Mods are spending a lot of time using a manual method.

If you click on the “Share” button instead of the “Reply” button, and then on “New Topic” in the popup window, it causes your reply to appear in a new topic which is linked in the original thread. Not sure if that’s exactly what you mean but it’s a useful capability in Discourse. That option is available both at the bottom of the thread, as a reply to the thread overall, or as a reply to any individual post.

Yes. I figured that there was a way to do the same from a user perspective, but sometimes a side conversation becomes spontaneous.
I was looking more from the Mod side which has to make the call to intervene.
I’m not a programmer, but I imagine a simple plug-in might allow a Mod to Tag and drop any content into a new topic.
Cleans up the original OP and allows a deeper dive into side bars.

We can easily select a post or groups of posts and spawn them off to another thread. No plug-in required. It’s part of Discourse.

We have to manually add a post with a link in the original thread but we need to add a post to note what we did anyway so no biggie.

I don’t regularly visit Reddit so I don’t know how their site works to compare it.