Did you know that you can create spinoff threads directly from the reply interface?

Continuing the discussion from DrDeth's suspension:

I did not. I still hate infinite scrolling, but Discourse is pretty cool sometimes.

ETA: The first line in this post “continuing the discussion…” was automatically added by the software. Neat!

. . . and I got notified since you quoted me, in case anyone was wondering if people really do get notified of the new thread.

It is a really nice feature that thus far I think I used twice. It isn’t super intuitive but I think would be handy when an outrageous post is made anywhere else on the board, to go immediately to a New Pit thread for it.

Poster X posts something racist in GD, Reply to create new thread and put in BBQ Pit. In original GD thread a link is added to the new thread as a bonus.

The way @Heffalump_and_Roo suggested its use is also excellent. A thread is about one thing, but you want to discuss a basically off-topic aspect. Spin-off Thread with built in link.

Another cool thing I noticed in Discourse, many many years ago I asked a really dumb question about the speed of light; someone recently asked a similar question (though not as dumb) and someone linked my prior thread. I got notified, to my eternal embarrassment.

Eta: maybe I should have spun this off to its own thread :wink: