DrDeth's suspension

Completely ignoring the disruptive style of DrDeth’s arguments he knows his “idiosyncratic” (non-pit polite phrasing) style of orthography pisses people off, yet he still does it, and apparently has been for 20 years.

As one of the SDMB '99ers, I can confirm that this behavior has been consistent for a long, long time. Any perception on his part that all of this has arisen recently (and moreover should be considered as having been primarily triggered by conflict with a single mod) is, let’s say, misplaced.

In short, I approve heartily of the moderators’ perspective and rulings on this matter.

Outside of the Pit, that’s all I’ll say.

So DrDeth, in this thread in your replies, you show that you love to argue. You’re not self-aware and you cherry pick stuff to try and support your arguments.

You tried to build a false narrative that I dislike you and have been posting bad things about you in the pit & at another board. When you found this wasn’t true you tried to make it out that the pit thread poisoned my opinion of you.

This is also not true. Being a mod and seeing your posting style is what brought this about.

When you were banned from a thread, you chose to not move on but whine and complain (still doing so in this thread in fact) and flag the mods with petty minor flags in the threads to excuse what you did and only stopped when specifically told that if flagged any other posts in that thread you would be suspended for trolling the GD mods. This is not the first time you pulled this. Almost anytime you get a note or warning it sets off a series of messages protested said.

You have worried a point to death in thread after thread. In just 6 months of observing things, this has been very clear. The complaints about you are extremely numerous. You generate more flags than anyone else from what I have observed.

Now positives:
You had a habit of selectively quoting parts of what people wrote to argue such even when what you cut out ended up changing the meaning. I and another mod wrote to you about this and it appears you learned to stop that.

You have knowledge and opinions on a lot of areas. That is a positive overall.

One clarification: I am not particularly anti-gun. I am also not pro-gun. Mainly I am apathetic to the debates on them. When you enter one of these threads, you have proceeded to derailed said conversations. I think politically we largely agree from what I’ve seen and often have similar interest in the media world. I don’t actually have anything against you. I do admit to finding you frustrating as a poster though as a mod.

If we poured through my tens of thousands of posts on this board and the 2 spin-off boards I have posted at, I rarely talked about you at all and I think you’ll find I agreed with you or defended you more than I said a negative word about you.

I don’t think you’re a bad guy at all. I hope you can be less of a problematic poster.

IIRC, DrDeth was banned from a couple of CS threads – specifically one about “Game of Thrones” and one about “Lucifer” – due to derailing them.

You’d think a lawyer would know how to do research about a topic.

@DrDeth , from what I’ve read in this thread, here are the criticisms of your behavior and what the mods are saying to avoid.

Derailing threads should be less of an issue in Discourse because it’s so easy to start new ones. The people involved are automatically notified.

The onus to start the new threads is on you.

But it’s super simple to do without any extra work on your part.

Here’s how. When you see something in a thread you disagree with, post your disagreement in the original thread once. If someone replies to you, start the reply like any other reply.

BUT before you hit the reply button, hit the arrow in the top left corner next to the name of the person you’re replying to. That will bring a drop down box. The three options in that box will be

reply as linked topic
new message
reply to topic

Hit the first button. That links your post to the original thread, creates a new thread and notifies the person you’re quoting of your response. Name the topic anything you want, but an easy title is "Spinooff from [original thread name].

If people want to reply to your new thread, they will, and you can continue from there. If they don’t, your new thread will sink off the page, causing no disruption to the original thread.

Thanks! That’s a great suggestion, and one that I will likely use myself.

No one was attacking Dr Deth’s dad. They were making fun of him implying that since his dad served, he had some special insight into WW2 history. Also, a couple of people pointed out that the stories Dr Deth was saying were implausible, if not impossible. Which is on Dr Deth, not his dad.

That is an outstanding suggestion and not just for DrDeth.

Go ahead, you can explain what you mean.

You mean my annoyance with “an”?

And no, I didnt know that actually makes people angry. Seriously?

Ok, thank you for this. I will try to improve.

enuf, tho (and the like)
a instead of an
These are just 3 things, there are many more.

That is not true.I was annoyed about the special rules for that HBO series threads and complained about those special rules in ATMB. Likely way too much. That likely got annoying. I was wrong to carry on so much about the special rules. I didnt derail any threads in CS about that show. That got me topic banned, which is kinda strange but oh well, I was being a pest about the special rules.

I dont even remember Lucifer.

He was totally wrong there.

Sorry, enuf, tho are legit alt spellings. And so is “legit” and “alt”!

Really not using “an” annoys you that much? I will try to stop.

They look juvenile and illiterate. They don’t make a person’s posts look any smarter, that’s for sure.

My bad. You were instructed to stop the smoking hijack in that thread, not to leave the thread.

Moderator Warning

You’d think that someone who has been warned for personal insults in the past would know not to attack someone outside of the Pit.

This is an official warning for a personal attack / insults outside of the Pit.

If I remember, I will use them less.

Is “legit” Ok? or do we have to spell out legitimate? Alt for alternate?

Ah yes, I do have a hate for smoking. That I wont compromise on. The deaths of 500000 Americans, 50000 of which are non-smokers is something no one should be asked to compromise on. However, in a thread about TV shows, it is best not to dwell on it. A single mention should be all.

I will point out that in Idle Thoughts note, I wasnt specifically mentioned. But yeah, I see one of my posts would have been better as a side issue thread, as Heffalump_and_Roo suggested. Good idea there.