So, why was drmark2000 suspended?

I stated the title in the third person just to get my name in there. I know most of you fuckers despise me. I just want to find out if you can articulate exactly why.

The terms “jerk” and “troll” have been tossed around, but these words possess no exact definition. Don’t refer me to me to the “rules” or the definition of “troll” on these boards. I’ve already read those and can see that these are terms conveniently phrased to be used against “anyone who says something with which we don’t agree.” The mods get a bunch of private emails demanding a banning, and so they do it. That’s how you keep the money rolling in, minus the one who gets banned.

It’s a for-profit board. That much I understand. One person’s money isn’t worth as much as ten persons’ money (the respective wealth of the individuals being assumed to be equal, in this case $14.95/yr).

But why me? And more to the point, why does anyone get banned? (Besides specific physical threats to others, which I have never made.)

Your friend,


I dunno. Let’s see your best, most sincere guess as to the answer to your question.

Before you answer, consider what you hope your answer will accomplish, and then craft an answer designed to accomplish that goal.


I am sure that is it. Yep, makes sense. Just out of the blue a bunch folks email mods and before you know it, kablowie! No warning, no suggestions on how to prevent it, just kablowie!

When do the polling stations open for drmark2000’s next suspension?

This should be interesting.

I’m sorry, who are you again and why are you assuming that “most of” the members despise you?

Oh wait, forget it, I don’t care.

Do you slurp your food? I hear that annoys a fair amount of people.

Don’t remember.

I can’t despise you if I don’t remember you.

Beats me. How 'bout you tell us? Really, what’s the point here? Are you polling people to see who remembers all the details of your banning? Are you genuinely clueless as to what happened? Are just attention whoring? What?

Is sure as hell seems like he’s trying to go out in flames, doesn’t it?

Saying that you can break rules with no repercussions was a big clue.

Something about “pushing easliy pushed buttons” gave TPTB the impression that you like to deliberately push buttons?

Your suspension was well explained, drmark. This invitation to your own Pitting is just more attention whoring. Try posting something that 1. isn’t about you and 2. isn’t designed to rile posters into talking about you.

Knock it off. And yes, that was a warning.