Why does Discourse sometimes not alert me to replies in threads?

It seems to happen when there is no quote. Are some people replying to the thread and not the individual post, or is it a Discourse ‘feature’?

Unless you’ve marked the thread as “watching”, (default if you’re the OP) then you won’t get a notification if someone just presses the reply button at the bottom of the thread, as that is considered a reply to the OP, If someone replies directly to you, you should get a notification every time, unless you muted it.

Did this give you a notification?


(eff off Discourse, “yes” is a perfectly acceptable reply, mind your own business.)

It probably was people replying to the thread then.

If we ever get an admin again, hopefully they can remove the character limits. So annoying!

And it’s exactly what automatically deleting quotes and leaving no sign of replies does.

And it lets people be sneaky, since no one else can tell they didn’t directly reply.

It’s bad design. Either reply to the post, or use the @ notation.

Often, i want to reply to the thread, and not to a specific post. I see no problem with discourse treating those differently.

To the OP, I think it happens when you’re Tracking a thread and not Watching it. If you go to the bottom of the thread, you’ll see the functions of how you’re getting notified. Normal means you don’t get notified. Tracking means it tells you how many replies in a blue bubble next to the thread and Watching means it alerts you to any new replies. Tracking only alerts you if someone replies to you directly.

Are you saying that someone replied to you directly with a reply specifically to you and it didn’t alert you while you were tracking the thread? If the reply was just a general reply to the thread, and you’re tracking it, it won’t alert you.

I do know that setting the thread to Watching alerts you because I did that for this thread even if I hadn’t posted in it, and it just did.

The problem is, if you reply to the very last post, it doesn’t. It makes it look like you just replied to the thread, for some reason only understandable to the designer of the software.

I’m saying someone responded to what I said in the thread and I didn’t get an alert. Due to the before mentioned ‘feature’, I can’t tell if they replied to my post or to the thread in general, so presumably it was the latter.

There are two ways to reply - to the post or to the thread. If you hit the reply button on the post, it generally gives the name of the person being replied to. If you hit the button at the bottom of the thread, it’s a general reply. The person might accidentally hit the general reply button, but if they hit the button to the post, it will be a reply to the person. If you go to the post and hit the arrow of the person being replied to, it will show their post, even if it doesn’t show as a quote.

Maybe if you showed the post you’re referring to, it might be easier to assess?

Let’s see if this shows as a reply.

Vs this one.

Replying to the last post does not show the linky arrow thing and is indistinguishable from replying to the thread in general. What a bloody stupid feature.

Yep, it’s stupid. It’s not always obvious from the context whether it’s a reply to the previous post or not.

Yes. There’ve been a lot of complaints about that in previous threads.