No alert for a new post to my thread

Normally the first thing I do after signing in is clicking on my avatar to see the replies to any threads I may have started. I started a thread back in April about cover songs that has a post to it yesterday (Jan 15) but clicking my avatar doesn’t show that post (in fact there are several posts I didn’t get alerted to).

What am I missing?

Are you watching the thread? Scroll down Share, Bookmark, Flag, and Reply buttons at the bottom of the thread. Below that there should be an button with a bell on it. It needs to say “Watching.” If not, click on and choose Watching. (This usually gets set automatically when you write a new post.)

If that’s not it, then I don’t know.

A “reply” only means a reply to a post you made. If you start a thread and 10 people have posted and I post post #11 in reply to post 10 or to @Bob who posted in post #4, that will NOT appear under your icon as a reply to you. You do not own the thread; you only own your posts in the thread.

To be clear, though, if you start a new thread, Discourse by default sets it to “Watching” status, which means you’ll be notified of every new post in it. Of course this can be downgraded to “Normal” or “Tracking” if the thread starter wishes. Which is exactly what I did in the long-running Webb telescope thread, because I was getting too many notifications.

I did start the thread I linked to in the OP. I got regular notifications (under my icon) for a long time. Now apparently they’ve stopped. If I’ve clicked something to prevent notifications I didn’t realize it or mean to.

And, since I opened this thread, another post has been added to that thread and I wasn’t notified.

Look at the bottom of the thread. There should be a pull-down menu with a bell next to it (notification bell). If it is set to “Normal” then you will only receive notifications if someone mentions your @name or if they directly reply to one of your posts. If you want to receive notifications every time someone posts to the thread, change the pull-down menu to “Watching”.

OK, I checked. I must have accidentally hit that notification bell :man_shrugging:t2:.

Anyway, I’ve changed it to watching - if that doesn’t fix I’ll check back.