Receiving Notifications for Threads Not Posted in

I get notifications for threads in which I’ve posted, no problem there. But oddly, I’ve started sometimes getting notifications for threads I’ve only looked at and not posted. It seems completely random, does not happen consistently but often enough to where I’m scratching my head. Discourse thinks I want that thread tracked, and I change the setting to untrack it. But if I’ve not posted in it, why does it think I want to track it?

Is it a thread you’ve “read” (spent >four minutes perusing)?

I can’t swear that’s the case for all of them or just some. But others I treat the same way, I don’t get notifications. It seems completely random.

Look at the bottom of one of these threads you are talking about and read what it says.

For me, now, with this thread I see:

You will see a count of new replies because you posted a reply to this topic.

I don’t have one now to look at. The last one, from just a little while before I started this thread, had it set to Tracking down there below, but I did not notice the exact wording. I see now that the wording changes depending on the situation, whether you’ve only replied to or started the thread. I’ll make a mental note to look next time.

Happened again today, and down below it read: “You will see a count of new replies because you read this topic.” The last three words were to a link that lets me change my preferences, and Lo and Behold! It does show now that if I stay in a thread more than four minutes, it will track. I changed it to Ten minutes, the maximum. Seems like there should be a “Never” option.

There is a Never option- I have it selected. You may need to scroll down in the drop down menu of preferences.

Thanks. I went back in and found it. It was actually at the top of my drop down menu. I expected it at the bottom before.