About me and plagarism.

This is why I need to do vanity searches more often.

I am Kleebner on the SA boards and I cross-post often. In fact I think that the thread was made more to make fun of me for cross-posting so much than to actually accuse me of plagiarism. Heck, the one time I did copy a thread, I said that I did so in the OP.
The last link that was posted by Trigonal Planar was not so much the copying of a thread, but just some links. I don’t think that spreading links to neat stuff qualifies as plagiarism.

Ever since I was last accused of plagiarism, which I still insist that I was misunderstood and the accusation was wrong, I have been very sensitive to any possibility of such suspicions. I hate to post stupid forum drama threads like this, but since the last thread was closed, I have no choice.

No worries, mate. (I always wanted to say that. ;))

I remember the thread (accusing you of plagarism) when it first popped up, and I think by the end of it I was pretty convinced that you were not a plagarist. But, I don’t blame you for making a statement such as this and clearing the air for good.

Oh, please, CanvasShoes. It’s quite obvious to me, and to most here, that this guy is a plagiarist of the highest degree.

Who is he trying to fool? Not only does his claim require us to believe that he’s Frank Herbert, but also that that esteemed science-fiction author has returned from the grave to post to the Something Awful forums. More ridiculous a story I have never heard. Seriously, MD, the name has GOT to go.

Of course, I didn’t read the thread in question, so it’s entirely possible that I may have missed something.


All kidding aside, don’t worry about it, Muad’Dib. You came out of that thread looking just fine, and nobody with any common sense whatsoever would call you a plagiarist for copying something you wrote in the first place. Hell, I wrote every single thing I’ve ever written, so if anyone’s gonna get in trouble for that, it should be me.

Also, yosemite, I have no earthly notion why I wrote CS’s name while thinking of yours. Must be some kinda Freudian thing. Maybe it’s because I see you both in a lot of the threads I post in, and you’re both female…I think…and, um, you both have eight or more letters in your usernames.

Or maybe I’m just an idiot. :smack:

I hope that was written with an appropriately Australian accent.

I’ve gotten my American SO into the habit of using some of my Australian colloquialisms. In return, i sometimes say “zee” instead of “zed.” I still refuse, however, to say “erb.”

This has been in the back of my mind for some time. I’m 99% certain of the answer, but asking you could put it to rest — possibly for someone else as well. Are you the same Muad’Dib who is a moderator at Stormfront?

No, what is Stormfront?

It is a message board maintained and frequented by white separatists. I’m a bit surprised you didn’t know that since some of their members fairly often, and rather famously, visit and post here. Especially in Great Debates.

Stormfront is also the title for the Season IV premier of Star Trek: Enterprise. If I weren’t a Daily Doper, and a multi forum reader at that, I might miss the periodic SF invasions, too.

Or, Maud’Dib could be using a feint within a feint. :eek:

Fear is the mind killer…

What do you mean exactly? Is that a threat? A warning? An insinuation? Are you going to drink my blood?

Why’d you get rid of your lovely red title? :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s the Kwisatz Haderach, give the dog a bone…

I actually never had one. The guy did not know how to code it right, so it was small and black. Like his soul.

I had forgotten about Stormfront. Geez, hasn’t it been years since there was a big influx of trolls from there?

No, it hasn’t.