About the French, or something.

Pity the poor French. Saddam gave them $60 Bn of contracts to support him and now they’ve got nothing. What a pity.

I was expecting a link to a picture of a kitten.

A kitten, a couple of puppies playing in amongst Christmas tinsel … so glad you feel bad for the French government, qts. I’m sure they’re heartened by your concern.

More of a rant.

OK, now how about a more descriptive thread title?

Here we go: It’s French, cute, and being help up!

Best I could do.

At least it’s an improvment.


What was the original thread title?

Now that was moderating at its very finest. Well done.


Miller: Awww…

That’s such an ambiguous thread title, at first I thought you were making fun of my post.

When I first opened this thread and saw that it used to have a different title, I said to myself, “Self, I bet that Coldfire was the one who changed it.”

I was right.

Do we know what this is supposed to be about yet?

Maybe I was. But you’ll never know! Mwaahaaaahhaha!

wanders off

The original title stays at the top of the OP - even when the Eeevil Nazi Mods change the thread title.

Just a little trick I picked up back in 'Nam

Oral sex? I understand the French love it and are masters or the art.

Now, now qts - gloating becomes no-one.

Besides, as a former representative cyclist, I competed in both the amateur Tour de France, AND a race in America sponsored by Donald Trump called, wait for it, le Tour de Trump. No shit… that’s what he called it.

I know which one I preferred. By the way, the amateur Tour de France was about half the distance of the “pro” version and it was held during the mid-late 1980’s. I don’t think it exists any more but it went over some magnificent scenery nonetheless.

Ahhhh… memories of a woman named Marianne… shhhh… don’t let Mrs Boo Boo read this…

I’d rather be promised $60b and given nothing than promised nothing and handed a bill for $87b.

Just reminds me how truely ugly those things are.

The French are masters of love in a BIG OUI. As in:

“It’s so BIG.”


At least according to my limited experience (two French lovers). :o

Which is why I always wondered if the rampant Francophobia in this country was related to the Big Oui… <shrug>


Anna Belle