? about the millions of fraudulant DEM votes in 2016 Pres election

Not quite sure where to put this, but how about Elections to start off. During and after the campaign Trump and his supporters were beside themselves over the ABSOLUTE TRUE FACT that MILLIONS of DEMOCRATS were voting illegally. After the election CNN had a panel every so often of Trump voters and every time this subject was brought up they went berserk. One guy claimed to have seen dozens of buses bringing people to Augusta Maine to vote from new Hampshire and and older lady claimed to have seen hundreds and hundreds of illegals voting in California.

Ok fine.

Except, we live in an age where EVERYBODY has a goddamnn smart phone that can record sounds, take pictures and record video. So why haven’t any Republicans come forward with anything more than anecdotal “I saw this with my own eyes,” type of proof?

Because it didn’t happen?

Because they are a bunch of liars?

Zombie dogs ate their brains and their homework?

They’re spending all their time not getting video of UFOs or Bigfoot.

The Democrats have invented stealth technology that renders their illegal voters invisible to cameras and everyone except for TRUE Republicans. Ever seen They Live? It’s kinda like that.

I think the Deep State is working with the Fake News and Reverse Vampires to suppress it.

You’d think that with millions of illegal votes we coulda taken the damn thing. In other words, people who believe that Democrats did that have not a lick of sense and are remarkably dumb, too. As proof, look no further than their own presidential votes.

It’s quite funny. To move ONE million people you would need - 20,000 buses.

It is of course just more republican horse shit to pile on all the other horse shit.

I’m wondering if you saw that one yourself, about Augusta? Last month or so, there was a Pit thread about illegal voting which had a clip of a similar panel. In that one, a guy said he saw buses in NH filled with voters from Mass. Saw them with his own eyes.

That’s just one piece of this strangeness. Another is that Maine’s Secretary of State was on Trump’s voter fraud commission, for all of two meetings, and he went after the commission for their own information like a badass. The administration has until 7/18 to turn over the documents. I have no idea what happens if it doesn’t.

So, they wanted to destroy the information about public proceedings rather than let it fall into the hands of a member of that commission. Well, that doesn’t stink much! Maybe dead skunk, middle of the road, High Heaven, but no more than that! OK, maybe a little.

Well, Trump set up a commission that was going to answer all these questions. I for one was waiting with baited breath to learn how the Evil DemocRAT world order managed to orchestrate the actions of 3 million people without any definitive or even suggestive evidence being leaked.

Unfortunately they were disbanded moments before they could give their earth shattering report. :frowning:

I have no doubt that a few non-citizens voted. The number was insignificant.

Please excuse the nitpick: It’s “with bated breath.”

And Trump said “Even though I got less votes…” And his aide whispered “Fewer”.

And Trump said “Don’t start calling me that yet.”.

OK, 'luci, that one took me a couple of moments, but it was a good one.

Aw, bad luck, that; kind of like the Top Men who had gone to Hawaii to research Obama’s birther certificate and came back with “stuff you wouldn’t believe”, only to somehow lose their entire report in the back of a taxicab, or something.

I don’t remember them ever coming back.
I think the Howling Yam said he sent a team to Hawaii and “you won’t believe what they’re finding”. And that was the last we heard.

They could still be there.

So, how could she tell they were illegal? What do illegals look like, anyway?

Never mind.

Well, you know: darting eyes, furtive gestures, swarthy complexion, etc.