About the Pope?

Now we know what a Scotsman wears under his kilt. Hose, shoes, and garters to hold the hose up. So, besides footwear, what does The Pope wear under his cassock?

Presumably underwear, at least. I don’t think he needs a spanx garment. Wasn’t there some kerfuffle about the Popes fancy red shoes?Ferragamos?

An alterboy.

A Catholic friend once suggested that the Pope’s socks were holey, which was probably the first ever double entendre I ever heard and managed to understand around age 10, so the same may apply to his undergarments.

Blessed be the fruit.

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Yes, but they go so well with cowgirl hats.

Pope Benedict changed the color of the papal shoes to black.

The Pope wears standard underclothing under the papal cassock.

Actually, Benedict changed from black to red. Francis changed back to black.

Actually, popes wear trousers under the cassock, like most priests. Benedict wore white, Francis black. I assume he wears standard underclothing under the trousers. (Francis seems like a boxers type to me.:))

IDK, seems like tighty-whiteys would do better.

Francis is an elderly Argentinian. I doubt it.

Do elderly men always wear boxers? I know, I know I’m sheltered.:slight_smile:

Had it backwards. Thanks for the correction.

Apparently, red shoes for the Pope are a tradition that goes back centuries, though Benedict got quite a bit of press for his expensive (and, apparently, sometimes bespoke) red shoes.

But, yes, Francis has gone to simple black shoes.

All I know is he goes #2 in the Vatican.

Where do they collect the papal piss?

In the Vati-can? :smiley:

. . . and deep as well.

Care for a walnetto?

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According to the Wiki pages on papal slippers and papal shoes, the red color symbolized either the blood of Christ, or the flame of Pentecost. [I have also read that red shoes were also worn by Roman emperors, triumphant generals, and kings in the pre-Republican era.]

On one of John Paul II’s trips to the USA, an El Paso boot-maker made him a pair of red cowboy boots. I don’t know if he ever wore them.