Does the pope wear underpants ?

Well ?

I asked something similar about two years ago, except I didn’t go unmentionable.

I would presume he does.

Catholic clergy may wear pretty much any clothing they like when not on-duty, and even then there’s some variation allowed. There may be some stricter orders with prescribed uniforms down to the underwear, but I’m pretty sure the Pope can wear boxers or briefs at his preference.

I think the more pertinent question would be, “Does the Pope go commando?”

The Roman Catholic [Tridentine Liturgy](of “Tridentine Mass” and “Latin Mass” was brought about by the 1964 Instruction on implementing the Constitution on Sacred Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council,) includes semper ubi sub ubi, however, a couple of years after the Second Vatican Council the Instruction on Implementing the Constitution on Sacred Liturgy gave the Pope the option of wearing a vernacular.

Does he put them on just like you and me?

Write him a letter, & ask him.:cool:

Well, if Photoshop is to be believed:

Depends on whether or not he’s in the woods.

The answer is readily available.

On webcam?

Yes, because he doesn’t like to look down on the unemployed.

Who’s the lucky lady that’s gonna be seeing…oh, right.


My gut feeling is he let’s it swing.

You knows that cloth Jesus wears when he’s on the cross - do those count as undies ?

LOL! I was wondering this too, I was thinking he would be wearing Depends
b/c he an old man . I was health aide and know how much old people leak .
Or maybe he has some kind of toilet under his robe.