About This Mesage Board

Thank you. I’ve learned so much here, and enjoy the camaraderie and sense of community.
I’ve been lurking here since (well, awhile now).
Mods, feel free to move this to IMHO.
Anyway, thanks to all. A great place to visit, converse, and exchange knowledge or just general BS. :slight_smile:

Great to have you here. If memory serves, we’ve been in a couple threads at the same time and I recognize the name. For what its worth I would mind seeing you post more.

This smells like a goodbye? Are you leaving us?
(Hoping not!)


Well that’s just plum mean. I, on the other hand, *wouldn’t *mind seeing Cabin_Fever post more.

I’m positive you fit right in.

A meta-thread post title–not bad for a newbie.
ETA: waitasec, you’re not a newbie at all.

Just feeling emotional I guess.

I approve of this mesage.

I also recognize the name, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve noticed you saying something smart in some thread or other that I was in.

And that is more attention than I normally pay to posters’ names in threads. So consider it a compliment.

(I suppose. So much for the “camaraderie” thing… Yeah, I know, my mouth is talking, I might wanna look to that.)

No. Not at all. Just been lurking here since the dark ages and want to use my recently value-added subscription to say thanks.
Oh, wait…was hoping for donuts too, but that might be asking for too much. :cool:

That might be a might mistake after you bought me a few brewskies. Thank you kindly. I am kind of sporadic about posting. I tend to lurk and learn.

Thanks hehe. I had to concentrate really, really hard to spell that big word. :slight_smile:

“Camaraderie”? Hey, I just misspelled it into Google and then copy-pasted the correction, which is how I do most of my typing these days.

(Although maybe I shouldn’t have admitted to that. And I still manage to squeeze a typo into every one of my posts. So no worries. ;))

Well, Cabin has never been that prolific of a poster. But Cafe or where ever, they’ve been good ones.

(hate to admit I have no idea if Cabins is a he or she)

I wish I could blame it in drunkposting but it was a combination of middle of the night and slower fingers than brain. :o

I am a he, a male and I chose the Cabin_Fever moniker because I was house-bound at the time of my joining here. Got addicted to this place ever since.
And yes, I’ve had my share of drunk postings. :smiley:
One learns here to thoughtfully enter conversations, create new threads even while a little tipsy.
It is a talent I have refined - thanks to you all!

<takes a couple fingers of Wild Crow>

It’s one I’ll keep working on. :slight_smile:

I like it here too and I like your posting style Cabin_Fever

Here, I’ve brought you some donuts, sweetie. :slight_smile:

I had no idea donuts this fresh and delightful could be transported through copper wires and fiber-optics, routers and nefarious internet thingies without the hamsters here taking the whole lot.
I am impressed. Thank you kindly.

We need you to step up. Sing and dance a cheesy song…with a hula skirt.
THEN post!
Anyway, per mods, sorry to continue this but I love this place.