I like this message board

I really do. It’s not full of… ignorant people.

People don’t type “your” as “ur”

People don’t type “L8er”

People don’t yell at me for not liking a certain thing.

People back up their argument with proof. None of that “Because I said so” stuff.

I really like this board.

[/weird ramblings of how great this message board is]

Me too

I have found my new love!

I must have you. Rowf!

eye tink ur gr8.



to be sure, to be sure…

Aaaaaaaaaaah, that’s so sweet.
You should go read this thread.

Your name still offends me.



Must resist…urge…to kill…text messager!

You think that’s bad. Try to use the words ‘their’, ‘they’re’ and ‘there’s’ interchangably and watch the Killer Cyborg Grammer Nazis come after you :slight_smile:

They’re a less lethal branch of the Grammar Nazis.

Son, there’s help out there for you.


7 up yours
Perhaps you like this message board because it is frequented by mature, well-educated, urbane, sophisticated and intelligent people. But above all, we are modest about that. LOL

I think it’s time for a group hug…

Gather around everybody!


Hey!! I think someone’s groping me!!


Nevermind. That was me.

[ha ha :rolleyes: ]

[Nitpick]Isn’t it L8r? [/nitpick]

It’s my point exactly. Even when they’re shortening something they make mistakes. I’ve also seen “L8ter” :rolleyes:

Ah, color me whooshed! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh, lel again.

Yep, I like this board, too.

Well, be more specific about which certain thing you don’t like, and we’ll decide whether or not to yell at you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, thank the maker (of the SDMB) for this glorious place of well founded opinions and perfect grammer/punctuation.