About Those "Cop" Shows-Why Don't we Ever..

…see UPPER-Class members of society ever being arrested and carted off to jail? I’d love to see the Beverly hills PD, or the san Marino PD making arrests of rich people. It would be refreshing,to have a change from the usual gap-toothed low-lifes they are always arresting. Consider the following dialogue (with Officer Dan, Beverly Hills PD):
-Sir, may I see your licence please?
-Arrggh, I’m on my way home, officer…is it quite convenient?
_Sir, please step out of the car!
-Really officer, I’m prepared to make a sizeable contribution to the Police Officer’s Association-what do you say to $5000.00?
-Sir, tht’a very generous…I see you have a burned out tailight,be sure to get it fixed!
Thank’s officer!

Well, to be brutally frank, it’s because the vast majority of people who commit street crime are lower-class. Upper class crime is usually of the white collar variety and is investigated by other agencies, not street cops.

Ever watched “Law and Order?” Lots and lots of upper-class perps. Granted, those guys are detectives, not street cops.

Maybe its because there aren’t many upper class criminals who want to fight with or run from the police. Its the people that run or fight who make for exciting TV. It also helps if you are drunk, stoned, bare chested, with a mullet haircut - not many upper class people fit this criteria.

Not many upper class, white collar people feel the need to commit blue collar crimes. Most crime is committed for the sake of money, and most of that crime is blue collar. White collar people don’t often worry about money. BTW, I did see an episode of FOX’s “World’s Wildest Police Chases” where some white collar crooks ran from the cops. The crooks were wanted on several white collar charges. The cops just wanted to pull them over for a simple traffic violation.

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If that’s the case, why do we never see any 80’s rock stars on “Cops”? Not even Tommy Lee has appeared on “Cops”

Emm…Law and Order is…>cough< fiction. He’s talking about police reality shows.

Gee, In remember an episode of Cops where a rich woman got extremely irate with an officer for daring to stop her when she was in a hurry. She screamed at him in a very abusive fashion and then called the police department to complain about him being rude to her.

She refused to get out of the car for quite some time and when she did, she ended up slapping the officer. Which got her manhandled and arrested for Assaulting a Police Officer.

So yes, they arrest rich people too.

They air “good television” - i.e. when there’s something even a casual viewer can tell is a conflict.
Racing through trailers qualifies.

Repectfully asking the CEO if he and his lawyer wouldn’t mind stopping in at the police station isn’t.

Here’s what gets me - when the Cops and the camera crew break into an apartment or trailer to nab someone, why doesn’t that person ever act surprized?

Chimera, cool, they showed the Gabor episode!

Did it include obnoxious tire squeeling during the entire chase? The police chase shows drove me nuts with the incessant tire squeeling during a chases are filmed from helicopters. You can’t hear the helicopter but you can hear tired squeeling from hundreds of feet in the air? Yeah right!

After I saw the report about them including training footage as actual events, I never bothered to watch another one.

Simple answer. They were expecting it to begain with. Not to say they knew that the camera crew was on the lawn and the cops where outside the door, BUT when you are doing crimes severe enough to have the cops bust down your door know that at any moment the COULD bust down your door::eek::. SOon as that door flies of then hinges you know it aint the ice cream man. Innocent people would be all freaked out. THey’d have no idea why they’re house just got invaded. THe guilty just run.:rolleyes:

To add to the list, I have also seen a man that was better off than most of the … “traditional” perps. The squad car pulled up behind a parked BMW. The driver – who was dressed nicely, but rumpled – got in trouble for DUI, he also had a lot of cash, and some drug paraphenalia on him.

Maybe it’s because poor people are more likely to sign any necessary waivers permitting their faces to appear on televsion than are rich people, who may have reputations locally.

Does anyone know if the people that appear receive any kind of compensation? Do they get $50? A t-shirt?

I jus saw an episode of “Cops”-to summarize a bit:
old lady call “911”-police car responds(female officer).While driving over, said female officer confides that “what makes this job interesting is that every day is different!”. Anyway, car pulls up to middle-aged woman, face is battered and bruised. Woman (victim) says that her live-in boyfriend “slapped her around” a bit-seems he went out and got some crack cocaine, smoked it, and became bviolent. Police officer asks where the man is now (he’sat her home). On to the home: the place isa typical florida “cracker” home…lots of pictures of unicorns and jesus on the walls. Boyfriend (on couch) is bare-chested and appears to have consumed several bottles of adult beverages…long hair,missing front incisors; several large tatoos on chest.
Damn it, WHY can’t we see the Beverly Hills PD in this sort of situation-aren’t there any wifebeatings in the tonier suburbs?
I think this would really liven the show up…FOX…are you listening?

Yeah i agree with the OP, I’m tired of seeing PWT on TV.

Wait a second…no I’m not!!

ROll out the wino’s and trailer park incestus cousins!!

I need to feel better about myself!

“Cops” often shows white middle-class teenagers in nice cars getting stopped after buying drugs.

I was thinking along the same lines as Earl of Sandwich. Fox still needs the consent of the bustee to air the footage, and somone who’s prominent in their community or who stands to lose more from the notoriety than the actual arrest and conviction would be less likely to give permission.