About X-Men 2...

What’s going to be the storyline?
Who are going to be the main players?

From what I’ve heard (and seen from the online trailers), X-men 2 is set right after X-men.

The plot seems to revolve around the institute being attacked by an anti-mutant guy (forgot his name… Stryker or something??) The focus is mainly on the younger characters (i.e. Rogue, Ice man, Pyro, etc) with the exception of Wolverine. I’ve heard that Storm gets a few more lines (must’ve been the Oscar or something) while Jean Grey and Cyclops get less screen time.

The main characters should be played by the same actors, but I think the blonde Pyro from X-men is replaced with a brown haired fella in X-men 2.

The storyline is very loosely based on the graphic novel, God Loves, Man Kills.

One change is that the Rev. Stryker is now a military man and Lady Deathstrike works for him. No doubt other major changes aboud.