Absence makes the heart grow mellow

Well, there goes two or three days of stuff I was all pissed off about. Now I’ve cooled off, reason and moderation has returned and I can no longer work up a head of steam. Damn it all, any way! :stuck_out_tongue:

Screw you, buddy!!!

Does that help? :slight_smile:



Anyone notice how busy LiveJournal got while the board was on hols?

In desperation, I almost joined TheForce.net’s message boards. I had this urge to post…something.

Saw Guinastasia running around there, too, so it couldn’t be just me. :smiley:

This time they ate the whole goddamn board…

Anyone else’s heart give a little lurch when they opened a forum and only found one or two threads there?

It’s just 'cause most of the defaults are set for last day only. We only lost posts after about 1:30 AM on monday.

Why is everyone being so nice and helpful? I thought this was The Pit.

You all must have some built-up tension or angst…let it rip!

Me, post at theforce.net?
Well, yeah. So what?


What the FUCK happened? I’ll bet it’s those shitters over at Metatus!

If only I could remember all the insightful and humorous posts from the last few days - I could recycle them all and claim ownership!

It is rather cool that I can browse almost all the forums in less that 5 minutes. Except for GD and Cafe Society.

Aww, we lost elucidator’s ‘Requiem’ thread.

And maybe that’s for the best.


If you needed to keep up a good head of steam, you should have joined us over at the Pizza Parlor. It’s fortunate for them they don’t have a Pit or there would have been some roasting going on. Goddamn some of those stupid fundies over there, they make concrete and Lolo appear well-adjusted by comparison.

Thanks also to Una (and probably Opal, too) for putting up with the increased traffic.

WTF, for once I had a pretty light week, not alot of law school reading, only 40 pages a day instead of 80…and the frickin’ board is down. Well, at least I have little to catch up with.

Meanwhile, I posted to tigerboard.com, but our loss to Bowling Green last Saturday was quite the downer, so it didn’t have the same engrossing charm as SDMB. Whoo-frickin’-hoo, it’s back, and just in time.

I posted to my usual jet engine and webcomic forums, and didn’t really seek out fellow dopers— I suppose I’m not a total addict yet. The shutdown didn’t really bother me, it’s the threads and posts that were lost. I posted more because the board was really quick, then it all got dumped.

Hampster must be pretty fat about now… I say it’s time we harvest the little bastard for fur and baby baby back ribs, and put in something more energetic and less hungry.

You need a hobby, Wikkit. :wink: