Abusive use of contractions

The game is simple. Form a sentence using a contraction that if the word was uncontracted is perfectly cromulent but when contracted is painful to the ears.

She’s smarter than you’re.

I like this OP. It’s presenting an interesting challenge.

No 't ain’t.

I don’t know what you got me for Christmas.


Until you’ve lost it you never know what you’ve.

I don’t know if I’ll.

Is that all there’s?

I mayn’t say 't ain’t.

Popeye and Jehovah: I’m what I’m.

It’s what it’s.

When the others turn you off
Who’ll be turning you on?

I’ll, I’ll, I’ll

You’ve to be kidding me.

After fifteen hot dogs with chili, I’m feeling I’ll.

We’d it all
Just like Bogie and Bacall

When I’m with y’all I feel is boredom.

Do you know what’s?

Ringo’s not dead, but John’s.

We’ll we’ll rock you

I really love the Beatles song I’ll.


Are they going?