Accidently deleted some files from CD, how to get them back?

Sorry I don’t know if technical questions are permitted in here but I’m getting desperate.

Its a bit complicated but bare with me. I had a CD full of files which I attempted to update in Nero Express CD burner. I deleted several of the already burned file-paths so I could see what I was doing better thinking that as they were already physically on the CD it wouldn’t matter.

However now I can’t access that information (though its still physically there on the CD) it won’t appear when I search the file.

Anyone have any idea how to recover this information?

Thanks a million.

Indeed technical questions are certainly allowed. However, I’m not exactly clear on the situation here.

You’re talking about a CD-R, right, not a rewritable CD-RW?

I’m not clear on what you mean by “I attempted to update in Nero…”. It sounds as if you had the CD with files on it at one time, right? Tell us, when you put the CD into the drive and go to it in My Computer (forget Nero for the moment), what do you see?

On a multi-session CDR, all the old files are still there, you just need to access the old session. With Nero, look into using their “Nero Multi Mounter” system to access old tracks.

With an overwritten CDRW, go have a soft chocolate ice cream cone. It’s the best way to feel better.

If I select “Disk Info” in Nero I can intend see the files (well the disk space used) from the original session but can’t access of manipulate them.

Is “Nero Multi Mounter” something you have to download or an option in Nero Express.


I had a CD with files on it and attempted to add more files to it but in the “add files” screen on Nero I de-selected all the old files to give myself a better view but they are now inaccessible when I try to access the CD.

All solved.

Thanks for all the help. :smiley: