Achievements/Trophies question

Do you find it harder to complete online based achievements or trophies as the online community diminishes?

I just bought Red Faction:Guerrilla off PSN since it’s now half its original price. My online skills aren’t so hot so it’ll take awhile to do. The game was released over a year ago.

Back when I used to care about achievements (I was in a race with three of my friends to see who would be first to hit 20,000) I found the online ones to be very annoying.

Not because of communities disappearing for older games, but because I’m generally lousy at multiplayer play. I could never really play at a competitive level, and so I would be denied half of the achievements that any particular game offered.

I don’t care about achievements, but I feel that, if there are things to be achieved in the game, they should be sprinkled about evenly between online and offline play.

Depends. On shooter games, some achievements may even become easier online, because people who stick around may be more likely to be cooperative. Other games it may be more difficult, especially in “play my level” type stuff is required. (I’m thinking of LittleBIGPlanet, which requires you to have a number of people play and “like” your level. It’s much easier to do with an active community.)