Achievments not showing up on Steam?

I am playing Alan Wake(thanks Idle!) on Steam and everything is working fine…except no achievements are showing up.

I am playing on Easy, but I don’t think that blocks achievements. Some are painfully easy and I must have hit them.

Anyone know what is up with this? I posted on the Steam forums and a guy asked me if I turned off “Steam overlay”, but I don’t know what that is.

I am not playing in offline mode and it accurately shows my hours played.

Steam Overlay: Hit Shift+Tab in game. If nothing pops up, it might be off.

First thing I’d do is Steam>Exit from the menu then run it again. Check to see if they were credited. Check if there’s updates but they usually bug you about that.

Also I notice if you use the Overlay to check your ongoing achievements in game, the achievements won’t update and will be grayed out. Closing the menu and reopening it will show that they updated. However, IIRC the little popup will appear in the corner regardless.