How do I see my recent activity on Steam's website?

I swear that just a few weeks ago, I held my mouse cursor over “about” on the store website and there was an option called “games”. I clicked that and it showed my recent gaming activity, including a little bar graph including achievements I’ve earned on games.

Anyway, that is gone now and “activity” mainly shows my friends’ activity.

What happened and how do I get to that screen I used to have?


Should be: Steam Community :: Error

Or go to the activity feed for your friends and click “My activity” at the top.

Thanks, but is kind of showing a news feed style list of what I’ve done.

I used to have a page that simply listed the games(and the hours played) that I played in the last 2 weeks, including a bar graph of achievements.

Anyone know where this is?

Oh. That’s just your normal profile page.

Steam Community :: Error or click on profile from the drop-down menu originating from your name in the Steam client.

Thanks, and for those wondering, I actually went to my profile and clicked on “all games” to get to the screen I was looking for.