Ack! I'm becoming a ... morning person!!!

Good lord! What’s become of the cool chick that used to stay up all hours of the night, crash and wake up sometime just before noon? Where is she?

Lately, I’ve been getting up before eight. EIGHT. A.M. That’s ante meridiem. Before noon.

The past few mornings when I wake up early, I usually just get up, go to the living room (as not to disturb hubby and JuanitaTech v2.0) and watch TV. That’s not too bad. But this morning…something horrible happened. I got up and had (gasp) energy. I did stuff. I transplanted a chocolate mint (like regular mint but with a chocolate smell) plant that was on my deck to a larger pot. I inspected the other herbs I purchased and planted yesterday (sweet basil, Thai basil and sage) and made plans to buy Miracle Grow for them. I made herbal tea from fresh orange mint leaves. I put the dishes that were in the dishwasher away. I washed a load of laundry and put it in the dryer. I did all this before eight.

A typical weekday morning for me is as follows. First, I delay getting up as long as possible. I try to get to work by nine. I can walk to work in less than 15 minutes so I usually get up at eight. I shower, do my hair (which takes all of three minutes, maybe five) and get dressed with the Today show on in the background. There’s usually very little room in my schedule to do anything outside of the aforementioned list.

While I was up this morning, I thought of what’d I do tomorrow morning. I actually thought of getting dressed early, going downstairs to pick up a paper, sitting on my deck drinking tea (maybe coffee) and reading the paper. This is SO not me, folks.

Sigh…I’m getting old.

Old!!! OLD!!! Whyioughta…

Let me tell you, sister, that early morning is THE BEST time of the day. I am up at 6 am sharp every day. Used to be 4:30 am so I could practice piano, but mom and dad put the kabosh on that rather quickly in my youth. And since they were paying the bills and I couldn’t afford an apartment at age 8, I let them sleep.

During the week, watching the sunrise through the clean windows (just washed, of course!), fresh coffee (fresh ground beans, of course!), and newspaper in hand (just delivered, of course!).

And on weekends, I get up around 5:30. If I don’t have the entire house cleaned and scrubbed by 7:30 am, the day is wasted (so to speak). Okay, I add on a couple of hours to go to the laundromat since my dryer broke, but it’s all about organizing your time. And being a morning person, I have the whole rest of the day to look forward to.

Sleep in til 8 am? Bah!
Sleep in til 10 am? Feh!
Noon? An abomination, I say!!!

[(Of course, I do make exceptions for anyone who works third shift (and they can HAVE third shift!! - I prefer to see the sunrise after some sleep, not while I am at work!)].

Yup, I’m the cheerily chirpy person you’d love to strangle. Though I do try to keep myself toned down, as I know others are not always as appreciative of the morning and all its charms and promises as I am.

(who prolly should have named herself ‘burrowing owl’, sine they are crepuscular/diurnal, whereas screech-owls are more nocturnal)

Screech, I’m finding the morning really is the best time of the day. Kids and hubby are still asleep. It’s not too hot to go outside. My mint tea was absolutely wonderful this morning! It was a spectacular way to start my day.

If this morning thing continues, I’ll take up running this summer. I only run in the fall/winter as I HATE the heat.

heh. another convert to the light side…

I’ll call the priest someone grab the crosses and the holy water.
And where in the world could I find someone around here to tie her down so we can get this exorcism under way!
And yes I am a third shift worker why do you ask?

Amen sister, if I’m not up by 8am the day is shot to hell.

Conversly I fall asleep about 10:30 pm with remote in hand and TV on, 'til I wake up at about 4AM, and then have to decide if I should go to bed or just get up and start my day.

I believe my sig line says it all…

Fudge, I WISH I could get up before 9. Today I woke up at 10:30 for some reason, so I didn’t get in to work until an hour later. (I set my own hours, but I’d prefer to start work ASAP.)

When I was a teenager, still working at the market, I LOVED getting the 7 to noon shift. On the downside, I had to get up early (although being a hyperactive teen, I could get by on 5 or 6 hours sleep with no problem), but the key was that I was out by noon and had the rest of the day to myself.

I’m pretty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the mornings. Good thing, because I have to get up at 5:00 to make it to the office by 7:00.

I’m in a van pool and take my driving turns (about twice a week) in the mornings. Afternoons? Crashed out, baby! A good hour’s snooze on the way home. That saves wear and tear on the wife, as I am friendly and sociable immediately upon walking into the house.

I used to be one of those “wake up around noon” types. I avoided scheduling any college classes in the mornings if at all possible. It’s funny how a stint in the Army can reset ones internal clock for perpetuity…

evil people…

I’m lucky if I crawl out of bed at 8…

Bed at 2 wake at 8 makes CRorex a vaugly happy not totally homicidal maniac.

The funny thing is, I’m in worse moods if I go to sleep at 11 and wake at 7

screech-owl, I’ve also been a morning person since I was a kid. When I was a teenager and twenty-somethinger, I felt ashamed that I liked to be in bed by 10 and up by 5, so I tried to change and become a night owl. God, was I miserable! That didn’t last long. I guess our inner clocks were set at birth and we can’t reset them. The couple of times I’ve been to Europe, I was able at first to stay up super late at night due to jet lag, and it was kind of fun to see how the other half lives for a change. Everybody’s up eating and drinking and partying at midnight! Imagine! However, in about three days I’d be reset to the 10 to 5 schedule again.

I agree with everyone here when they say that morning is the best part of the day. Everything’s fresh and cool and quiet, and I love to take my espresso out on the patio and contemplate my tomato plants, herbs and flowers as I drink. Then last night’s dishes get done, the dogs are fed, a load of laundry is started, and this all before Mr. Pug gets up at 7:00. The downside is that I don’t feel like doing dick after I get home in the evening. Dinner, Frasier rerun, dishes in the sink, and off to bed – that’s it.

And this is from the guy who’s alarm clock used to wake up everyone but him—even tho’ we made him sleep in the basement. Including Bowser in the pet cemetary next door.

I wish I could be a morning person. Unfortunately, the last time I saw the dawn was last November’s Leonid shower, and that only because I watched until it was too light to see any more.

I love visiting the West Coast – it’s the only time my internal clock coincides with the early-to-bed, early-to-rise crowd.