Why yes I'm a morning person

For the love of God would people please get over the fact I’m not a DAMN night person!??? The sun sets and my body is ready to sleep, GET OVER IT. I’m sorry hon, but I’m tired and it’s either I sit here and watch a movie with you which I promptly sleep through or I go to bed now and save us both frustration.

What? You can’t understand how I run this way? What? You want me to stay up? Here, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll stay up with you, then I’ll take a day off because doing that sets my body ALL out of whack. Then the following day I’ll come wake you up on my schedule, usually around 6am, and see how you enjoy being pestered by me?

Does that sound like a plan? For the love of PEET get over it and move on. If I kick you out of my dorm room then there is no insult meant it is simply put that I am TIRED.

Why the hell should I change my body schedule, something I’ve been on all through high school? If this is what works for me and I’m actually productive in the morning without being distracted then LET ME WORK.

OKay I’m done.

Doesn’t matter if I go to bed at 10 pm or 4 am, I get up at 6:30 am. Of course, if I’m really wiped, I’ll stay in bed and maybe fall asleep again.

There are night people and morning people and they will never understand each other.

Understand them? What the hell is there to understand!

When the sun drags its festering orb over the horizon, these perverts are bounding out of bed, brimming with energy, plans and ambitions. When sensible non-perverts are trying to burrow back into the pillows and wishing to God we could move fast enough to catch one of them and pound them into goo!

The human species will not advance until the stain of “morning people” is eradicated from our genome, and every alarm clock in the nation is adjusted with a five pound sledge hammer!

Some of you are quite young, and lack wisdom. Listen closely: marry a right-wing loony with a passion for automatic weapons. Marry a sour little twit who regards sex as a repulsive duty to be limited to Federal holidays. Marry a homosexual of the opposite polarity. Just don’t, for the love of Jesus, Joseph, and Murray marry a “morning person”!

I’ve been nice about this, given you what advice I could. Don’t wake me up again. You’ve been warned.

oh my goodness that is a stylish post elucidator. May I offer my most heartfelt congratulations, would that I could write at the level :slight_smile:

Heh. The WryGuy is a morning person - I’m a night owl. He has suggested that I go to bed earlier, set my alarm clock, just simply “retrain” myself to be a morning person. Ha. It is to laugh (although the laugh usually comes across as a snarl.) So one day I suggested to him that he stay up real late and sleep in the next day. He gave me The Look, and said he was just made to be a morning person and it was impossible to change that. It took several repetitions of this scenario before he caught on.

Which just goes to show - morning people are idiots.

I grew up with a dad that was a morning person. He thought I was the laziest person on the earth because I considered sleeping until 10 to be getting up early. He didn’t understand that I got the same 8 hours of sleep he did, just at a different time. If left to my own devices, I’d go to sleep around 3 and wake up at 11.

I’m lucky that my husband is also a night person.

Now why can’t night people take over the world and make everything operate at more sensible times!

I’m a morning person. My husband is a night person. I don’t mind if he watches TV in the bedroom when I go to sleep. And when I wake up before him, I’ll tiptoe out and do my morning chores in peace. It works for us.

What will be interesting is our upcoming retirement. I wonder if my internal clock will readjust when I don’t have to be in the office at 6AM??

Nope. My Dad retired 5 yrs ago. He still wakes up the roosters.

Night person married to morning person. Don’t ask me how, but we’ve managed to adjust without physical harm to each other.

I think there’s very much a perception that night people are “lazy”. It’s hogwash, of course. As Deadly Accurate pointed out, many of us are getting a comparable number of hours of sleep to any morning person.

Even having kids only changes things until they’re getting themselves out of bed. As soon as my kids were old enough, my body reverted back to what I believe is it’s natural state of being.


I doubt it, unless you’re not a morning person who has just been forced into the role.

I spent years getting up at 5AM for work. Now, since I am a morning person by nature, I still am normally up by 7, even though the earliest I ever have to be on campus for class is 9. I’ve tried - and I do occasionally manage to sleep until 8 or so, but only if I’ve been up exceptionally late (for me) the night before, and that has to be 1 or 2 AM. Even then I’ll normally wake up around 6:30, and manage to go back to sleep for a while longer.

Early to bed and early to rise. . . and you never meet any interesting people.

Some day, soon, medicine will recognise that morning people are sick people who need treatment. Most of the problems of the world are probably caused by morning people. If we could treat them and turn them into normal, night people, they would be better off and the world would be a better place too. Vote for the night-people party (NPP).

If god had meant us to be morning people he would not have given us electric lighting and computers and so many interesting things to do at night. Did you notice the same things are not one tenth as interesting at 7:30 am? There’s a reason for that: nature intended us to me sleeping at that time.

Hell yea. Morning people run me nuts. And there’s just something wrong with getting up before the clock moves to two digits.

Getting up before 10am makes the baby Jesus cry!

The difference between getting up at 6.00 instead of 8.00 will in 40 years’ time total 29,200 hours or 8 hours a day during 10 years. Thus we will, during 10 years of our lives, get 8 hours a day that we can use for our spiritual refining or to work.

Don’t speak badly of the morning people! They are the salt of the Earth. :dubious:

The OP is my younger brother, but I gotta admit I have no understanding whatsoever of morning people. He’s always been that way, too; I could tell you stories, but I don’t want to make future family gatherings all weird and uncomfortable…

It seems that I am both a morning person and a night person. I will happily stay up until about three in the morning doing fun stuff, and take about a week to sleep it off, since I’m still in school and cannot sleep in until 11. I will also get up at 6 in the morning and do work, or get up at 6 to be driven to a party.

I like being asleep, but I also like being awake, and I don’t much care when I’m awake. Since I’ll always be going to some school, whether as a student or as a teacher, I have to fit my circadian rhythm to what the school wants. But if you’re awake early in the morning and late at night, you get to see both the sunrise and the sunset.

I also notice that about half of the night people are behaving as if there’s something wrong with the morning people, while the morning people are mostly just sharing their experiences… [cough]elucidator sailor GMRyujin[/cough]

Not all morning people are idiots–Spoonette, for example, has shown great wisdom in leaving me alone to sleep when she bounds out of bed, full of energy and anxious to start her day at 6:00 a.m. I, on the other hand, don’t ridicule her when she falls asleep on the couch at ten. We’ve worked it out, but it took some doing.

I think that’s because, as Triss pointed out, there’s a perception that night people are “lazy.” Certainly I’ve heard that often enough from people like my father (a morning person), as well as from some co-workers. “Why can’t you arrive at work early, fresh and ready to jump into the day’s business? Are you lazy or something? Why does it take you so long to get going in the morning?”

Well, it’s not that I’m lazy, I’m just a night person. And these morning people tend to say these kind of things when they’re at their best and I’m at my worst–that is, mornings. When you’re constantly being told you’re lazy and are forced to justify the way nature made you when you’re groggy and unhappy from having to get going at an hour that doesn’t feel right, and just want to be left alone; then yes, you do believe there is something wrong with the other side.

I’m just saying people need to leave me alone about my early to bed habits. Sure I can stay up late on occasion but if I am function at least somewhat normally the next day then I need to get my sleep.

It drives me crazy when my friends get all hissy about my saying “alrigfht, bed time.”

My roommate is the definition night person, but we work out just fine. I don’t wake him up in the morning and he puts head phones on when I go to bed. No problems.

Oh hey my bro chipped in. Yeah dude, leave those stories out of it. Or else I might pit you :wink: