ACORN submits fraudulent voter registrations en masse

In these forums (fora, for the more pretentious), the merest hint about the latest negative story concerning Palin had at least one, and often multiple, threads within the hour. (Whatever happened to the phony pregnancy story, anyway?)

But when real news comes along, crickets chirp – if the real news is unfavorable to the left, that is.

I reach this provocative and shocking conclusion by noting that we have no GD thread yet on the rampant ACORN-assisted voter fraud attempts. I am pleased to be able to fix this … oversight … on the part of other, usually-eagled-eyed political observers.

In Nevada, the offices of ACORN have been hard at work registering people for Bracak Obama. (I mean – registering disadvantaged voters. I’m sure ACORN doesn’t care who they vote for. :rolleyes: )

So – issue for debate: is this racism on the part of Nevada investigators, or just plain fascism?

Is that my only choice, one or the other?

Sounds like monkey business to me, but that hardly rises to the level of fascism, and I don’t see where your charge of racism is supported.

What’s your stance on the Nevada well-poisoning scandal?

Sounds like they had a bunch of canvassers who were playing games rather than do the hard work actually involved in going to talk to people face to face. The canvassers were probably paid a small amount per signature and they chose to forge some.

False dilemma.

Sorry Bricker, didn’t you get the memo that the SDMB is part of the “Librul Media”?

Why isn’t this crap in the pit?

Since when does fraud have to be either racist or fascist?

Nice try, bucko. As Bricker has expertly exposed, this is obviously a vast left wing conspiracy to steal the election for Barack Obama in November!

Obviously Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers are involved somehow.

I, Pashnish Ewing, do hereby reject, denounce, and rebuke the actions of the Nevada Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

First, it’s always very weak to open with a complaint that “topic x” isn’t discussed here. Either discuss it or don’t. Everyone, I assume, has equal access to the new thread button.

Second, is ACORN running for Vice President? Is ACORN, in fact, a historically unqualified and silly candidate for Vice President? You seem to imply that Palin and ACORN are in and of themselves equally newsworthy. Bzzzt!

Finally, I would say it’s either facist racism, or racist fascism.


(1) ACORN and its canvassers were doing the wrong thing, at least in part, and ACORN needs to supervise its canvassers more closely.

(2) All voter registrations should be checked by the state, whether they come from ACORN or anybody else.

(3) Is their any likelihood that, if accepted, people would have been voting based on these false applications for voter registration?

ACORN’s response:

ACORN pays per registration form and they tehd to hire the unhirable. ACORN tends to deal in the extremes. They register tons of folks and wipe entire areas off the map as far as voter registration is considered. I’ll go into more detail after the election.

Until our able and dedicated team of SDMB right-wing partisans get on the job, that is: good work! Why are you so bent out of shape about the completely unsurprising and reasonable fact that left-wing partisans are the ones who are quick to point out malfeasance by those on the right, while right-wing partisans are the ones who are quick to point out malfeasance by those on the left?

Keeping the opposition honest by quickly calling attention to its shortcomings is a good thing. Expecting the opposition to be faster than its adversaries at keeping itself honest is kind of silly, and I certainly don’t see the right-wing partisans around here living up to that standard themselves.

Um, “rampant”? Your article says that the office of the Nevada Secretary of State and Attorney General alleges that ACORN canvassers submitted “nearly 300 apparently fraudulent voter registration cards” as part of a voter registration drive that registered 80,000 new voters in Clark County, Nevada.

Now mind you, if it turns out to be true that even one of the submitted voter registration cards was actually fraudulent, I think that’s disgraceful and deplorable and a bad mark on ACORN’s record. However, I’m not sure that 300 fraudulent cards out of 80,000 submitted in one Nevada county justifies the term “rampant”.

Or if you insist that it does, I presume you will agree to describe Republican attempts at vote suppression as “rampant” if some Republican commissioner in some county somewhere illegally knocks a few hundred Democrats off the voter rolls?

If the reason that this story hasn’t been posted can only be because of the inherent bias here, what explains that it hasn’t been posted by the more right-leaning members of the board? Surely they would have every reason to post this story, yet they did not just as lefty Dopers did not.

If there is a reason why right-leaning posters didn’t put up the story - a reason that cannot by nature be to hide news which is unfavourable to the left - then surely it is possible that the story went unposted by lefties for the same reason?

Well I don’t make a habit of seeking out and submitting RO stories from either side of the spectrum. What the employees did was wrong. It stems from a bad policy set up by ACORN where the workers were obligated to get the a set number of signatures come hell or high water. But it doesn’t mean that ACORN itself did anything illegal. In fact, the article itself says:

And can we talk about organizations that just string together random words to form an anacronym that makes another word. Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now? Really? Just stop it.

I’m interested to see what comes of it. Some of the quotes in the article seem a bit out of line with the facts. For instance, they indicate 300 fraudulent registrations out of 80,000. This is worth raising some eyebrows, but I’m not sure it warrants a raid. But then ACORN fires off with “… ACORN and its critics… exchange charges of political maneuvering in a battleground state that voted Republican in the 2004 presidential election but is considered in play for November.” That’s kind of ridiculous, given this:

If they were cooperating, why the raid? Were they not really cooperating? If they were cooperating, why would they jump to accuse the otherside of mere politics in the raid?

Both sides seem to stink here, a little.

This is ridiculous. But then I read this:

Yeah, getting people to vote is a fucking conspiracy. :rolleyes:

ACORN’s spokesperson said that they are paid by the hour, not the name, so that would not seem to be an issue.

In addition, in the CBS story,

So we have the Democrat Nevada Secretary of State launching a probe into reports that a (presumably Democrat-leaning) organization may have been involved in voter registration fraud, a statement from the organization that they have been reporting their own concerns and being ignored, and the story breaks while most folks’ attention is focused on the presidential debate, and the (apparently) Democrat-leaning TM are supposed to be ashamed that they have not yet begun discussing it and the only two silly options given to debate are that we must choose between the investigators being racists or neo-Nazis.

Bricker, are we going to see you melt down this way every four years?
There is a legitimate debate to be had to discuss whether actual voter fraud is more likely to arrive through the likes of ACORN or the likes of Diebolt, but this is not the best way to kick off that discussion.

I’m sorely tempted to send this to the Pit, although I’ll give it some time to see how it shakles out.

This is the Bricker who decided not to vote for Obama because he couldn’t raise the level of national discourse, right? Fraud’s fraud and it’s terrible. Impeaching the integrity of the board because of a development most of us probably haven’t heard of in the first place (I know I haven’t) isn’t exactly one of my favorite things either.

Bricker, is there evidence that ACORN actually planned to have people go to the polls and vote under these fraudulent names? It does not seem so from the information at hand. It looks like the efforts of one or more lazy employees to pad their time cards.

If there was a plot to actually commit voter fraud you’ve got something. If they were just turning in fake names to make it look like they were working that’s a different kind of fraud, like ghost employment or something. Surely you don’t expect the SDMB to rise up in anger over every case of ghost employment in the country, do you? When come back, bring evidence of actual voter fraud, or an attempt at same. Otherwise, this is waaay lame.