ACT scores

All right, I just took my ACT(sophmore year of high school), and got my scores back. A 30, frankly, I was dissapointed, but everyone is like a 30, that’s great. I looked around, a 30 doesn’t quallify one for a National Merit Scholar, and it’s not a good gaurantee to get in any college(especially Ivy League schools). So what is this 30 good for, except to brag to people with a lower score, I’m gonna have to take that stupid test again.

A 30 is a pretty darn good score. I had a 33, but my girlfriend got a 27, and we both went to an Ivy League school, so you’re definitely not in the bad range at all. Isn’t a 30 like 90th percentile? Cheer up…test scores are not nearly as important as you think. My SATs weren’t all that great (not bad, but not great), and it worked out fine. A 30 is definitely not something to worry about. What was your breakdown?


You’re only a sophomore. You could take them again and/or try the SATs.

Many state schools have honors programs that are of the same quality(sometimes better) and helluva lot cheaper. The valedictorian of my high school was ridiculously smart. 1600 SATs, straight A student, borderline math prodigy, incredible writer. His decision came down between Penn State honors and Harvard. He did end up going to Harvard, but only because they made a last minute financial aid offer that was astounding.

Find out what the cut off for these programs is.
Don’t worry about the Ivies. It’s mystique plain and simple. Harvard, for instance, is not a strong undergrad school. Its grad programs , however, are simply the best. Find out the scoop from people who know.

Gimme a day to root up the papers and I will give the breakdown.

Harvard…SUCKS!, Harvard…SUCKS!

Ooops…getting in to hockey season mode. (GO RED!!!)


Is that one of the things you were supposed to remember from school? Dammit. I guess I’m just going to have to get my school records or something.

Seriously though, don’t you take it your sophomore year so that you’ll have a better chance at taking it your junior year and if you did way worse than you wanted to you can take one of those study courses, etc.?

I didn’t go that way about it but I’ve heard of other people doing that.

I took it for two reasons:

a.) Post-secondary enrollment, get a 27 or higher, and you are able to take college courses at local schools, i.e. Kent State near my High school.

b.) Was to make sure I didn’t go in unprepared for it my Junior year, I didn’t want to fail miserably later.

My niece got a 34. She was offered appointments to the Navel Academy and the Air Force Academy. She chose a small college in West Virginia. My nephew dropped out of high school and he got a 32.


In Missouri a 30 will get you a $2000 scholarship if you stay in-state. I don’t know if any other states have a similar offer but it might be worth looking into.

In NM I got a 32 and I qualified for a scholarship that paid for my tuition for 9 semesters – wait – anyone who has a 2.5 gets tuition paid for 9 semesters…damn!

Aw, dang. I thought this would be a “whip out and compare” ACT score thread. And I so wanted to impress everyone. But it’s not, so I won’t.

I only got a 29. I took it again and got a 28. Then I took it again and got a 29. That was God telling me to give it up.


I fell kinda dumb now, I only got a 24. I could have taken it again but it doesn’t really matter for the college I’m going to.

I got a 33 way back in '97. SAT’s were 1480 (800 verbal, 680 math, i suck at math).
I guess thats average to lower end for ivy league but i had no desire to go back east and i didnt like stanford. so not many other choices in california besides the UC system. plus i’m a major slacker anyway.

30 definitely is not bad. Take them again if youre not pleased with your score. or try SAT’s.


Lil’ Kiffy, where do you go to HS?..I’m from Massillon, went to Jackson HS. Your profile says you live in Hiram. We used to have band camp at Hiram College. Cool!


Got a 31, which added to my GPA was fine for the state school I always intended to attend.
Then I took it again for my buddy (gotta love them situational ethics) and got him a 33! Good thing they didn’t check to see that this 6’3" white guy was supposed to be a 5’6" black guy.