I'm taking the ACTs on Saturday

I know it’s a little late in the game, but I need help preparing for the ACT. I’ve read the books and such, but it doesn’t really seem to be helping. If any of you dopers have taken the ACT and done well on it, any tips would be very much appreciated.



Ok, I hate the ACT. I took the SAT got a 1530, took the ACT got a 27. I was upset.
This is what I learned: don’t take your time. I know this might seem like bad advice. But it isn’t. I seriously ran out of time on ever section except the very first one.
If you don’t know something immediately, and can’t figure it out expediently, just answer it and move on.
I don’t know what grade you are in now, but if you don’t do as well as you like just take it again if you have time.

See, I did a lot worse on the SAT than I thought I would. When I took it, I felt really good about it and thought I pulled in at least a 1300. When the scores came back, it was an 1160. Not exactly the genious point. That’s why I’m taking the ACT. By the way, I’m a senior that’s already applied to Wabash College.

Chill out;

There is nothing you can do now. Just go take the test and answer as best you can. A lot is just general knowledge. Most of it you can’t study for. If you have read a lot and and have a large vocabulary you will do fine. The Sat is better for those who excell in math and science. IMHO the ACT leans more towards the liberal artsies. If you don’t do well, take one of those stupidly expensive classes, or try your luck at the SAT. Realize that unless you do really really well or really really poorly your actual score will not affect (effect? stupid engineer) your life. And even if you do (one or the other) you can still have an extremely awesome life.

Life/success is not about test scores no matter what they tell you in high school.

I’m your same age. I should be a senior (graduated early). If you think something just went wrong on the SAT day, take it again. You can take the SAT I (ACT too) as many times as you like. Colleges accept the highest score and hand out scholarships accordingly. Most everyone takes them a second time. I decided to just leave it alone though; the act was not my thing. I’d venture a guess to say that you have a better chance at studying for the SAT. The ACT is really just problem solving and interpreting stuff. Good luck on the test, and if you are disappointed, take it again.

Don’t sweat the ACT. I went to a Metallica concert the night before the ACT, got sweaty and tired, took the ACT on 2 hours of sleep, and got a 30. If you screw up, you can take it again, no worries.

If you don’t know, the answer is “B” :slight_smile: