Actblue (a left wing donations group) can go straight to hell.

So I donated to the Beto campaign. I very specifically checked the one time donation box. But today, I find that I’ve made two more donations to candidates that aren’t even Beto!

So I go to their website to cancel my recurring payments. LOL, yeah, good luck with that. No way to cancel. They give you a phone number that they call “customer support”, but all it is, is a recorded voice that tells you to email them.

These fuckers are something else!!

Well, email them. A couple months ago, I got a ‘thank you for your recurring donation’ message when I’d intended it as one-time. They fixed it promptly once I emailed them.

I did. Did they send you a confirmation of the cancellation?

Huh. I’ve donated to campaigns through ActBlue several times and never had it turned into a recurring donation. But I agree that if they’ve done so, or even if you accidentally hit the wrong button, they should promptly respond to your email and correct the situation.

But I have noticed more bugginess than I remember from past years in online donation software. Just last night, I made a donation to a tax-deductible nonprofit (IOW, not a political org) and I was sure I’d clicked the box for $X. At the end, the web page thanked me for giving five times my intended amount, and I got an email to that effect. But an email exchange this morning straightened it all out: they’re refunding my unintentionally large donation.

I’m still going to give them money, but since (unlike with a political campaign) time isn’t of the essence, I’m writing them a check, and sending it through the U.S. mail.

I can’t remember. I’d have noticed if it showed up in my Visa bill more than once, though - it was my largest give of this political season.

Yer drinkin the koolaid if you think the hipster’s gonna beat Tedrick Cruz – in Texas.

The good news is that even if he loses he’s forcing the Republicans to commit energy and resources to defend a seat that they should be able to take for granted.

So… I should just fold like a cheap lawn chair and let Cruz win with out a fight?:dubious:

That is some straight up BULLSHIT! Oops, did we take some more of your money, ha-ha. We weren’t sure if you’d notice, ha-ha. Oops!
Report back with how this works out, if you would. If they make it a pain in the ass for you to get your own fucking money back, that is some straight up BULLSHIT.

A quick phone call to your banking institution should take care of it. Just tell them that the card is being automatically deducted and you want it to stop.

Just got an email back today. They apologized and promised not to do it again.
Still think they’re being shady though.

I just donated funds to Stacey Abrams via Actblue, and I was watching for any hint of shadiness. Everything went fine with my one-time donation.

There WAS a checkbox that showed up during the payment details entry section that would allow donations to occur automatically every week until election day. I left that unchecked, and the receipt that I received specifically noted that my donation was “One-Time.”

Perhaps your experience helped to sort that website out.

Worked fine for me today, and really made it easy for me to make a series of donations quickly. I checked my receipts and they all indicated single transactions. I can see how it might be easy to click the rather larger and more prominent “Make My Donation Monthly” button by accident, though (not saying that’s what the OP did).

Each receipt contained a thanks from the particular campaign. Extra credit to Claire McCaskill, whose thanks was a link to a “survey” whose final question was “Will you pledge $15 a week until the election?”. The only options given for answers were “Yes” and “Yes, and I’ll give more!”.

Thanks. But there were two things that were making my blood boil.

1.) You can’t cancel the recurring payments yourself via their website. There’s only ONE reason I can think of to set it up like that. And it ain’t exactly ethical.

2.) When you’re on their website, it tells you to call their number if you need help. But when you call the number, it’s just a recording directing you back to their website! SMH.

Oh, that’s freaking infuriating! My head would have exploded. Glad it all got worked out.

I just canceled my recurring donation on the website with no problem at all. Went to the Cancel Future Payments link on the Thank You email I got and changed the gifts for 12 months to gifts for 0 months.


Took me about a minute and a half.

Interesting. Just went back and checked, mine doesn’t have that option. They must be working off of different servers.

I can also get to it if I sign in on the main page, go to Recurring Contributions, then View Receipt. There’s a link there for Change or cancel recurring payments.

The other good news is that when he loses, he has forced the Democrats to commit even more energy and resources and winding up with no seat.